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03 Taurus will usually only start with pedal to the floor. Otherwise turns over well but doesnt even try to catch.

Background: Daughters' Boyfriends car. 170 k. Overheated due to heater hose issue which I have repaired. Engine bay was soaked with anti freeze and was overheated pretty good. Was running a little rough and experiencing the above mentioned starting issue. Installed new plugs, wires and coil. Runs better but starting issue still present. Did do compression check when changing plugs to ensure no head gasket damage. Starts up well sometimes but other times have to hold pedal to the floor to get started. When experiencing a cranking but no start, spark is present. Pumping pedal wont do anything. Push pedal to floor and starts right up. Only does this maybe once every 3-4 starts.

Any ideas on where to start?

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