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02 Se Shift Improvement

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The shifts are too slow for my liking, can you improve the shift speed with a chip? I really don't want to have to move to premium fuel, I just want the shift improvement. Can this be done?

--Ray Nist
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I'm not sure about doing it without using premium fuel, because IMO, it isn't cost effective to get a chip that will JUST improve your shifts. If you were to increase performance and use a mid-grade fuel, then it would probably be worth it, but at $200+ for a decent chip, it's probably pointless.

BTW, I see that you just joined us...welcome!

A great mod would be something like the switch in the 96ish Toyota Supras and Camrys.

They had a switch on the console that raised the shift point by about 1000rpm or so. It may have done other things with the ingition advance, timing, etc., I have no idea.

But when you pushed the switch and went to Warp, that car made the jump to HyperSpace. OK, may be not that fast, but the performance was noticeably better.

It was an On/Off switch labeled ECT. It really made a pleasant improvement in the acceleration, and you didn't have to play with the shifter.

I don't know if a chip raises the shift points, but I wouldn't want that full time. Shifts would be a little more abrupt and gas mileage would suffer.

Now if the chip raises the shift point *only* under WOT... THEN we got sumpin'!!
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I don'e even mind where the car shifts so much as how it shifts. I know this is not a race car, but the shifts take too long. The only other car I have that is an auto is a mustang with a built automatic. It chirps the 1-2 shift no matter what the throttle position and sometimes 2-3 under full throttle, I don't want it that drastic, but just a little better.

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