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Hello, I own a 2002 Mercury sable. Had it parked outside and had a bad snow storm this winter, when i got it running again, i opened the hood and there was snow that had drifted all up in the engine bay on the right side air filter side. Right after that I had my Check Engine Light start flashing on me and by the time i almost had it home, it slowly started to weaken up. About a mile or so from home, the engine rpm wouldn't go higher then a certain point and couldn't go faster than 20 mph with a quiet sounding engine rev. I changed the spark plugs which were already pretty new. Changed the spark plug wires and the coil pack and still nothing. I did the ear test on the fuel injectors and they all seemed to be working. Car sounded like the muffler had water in it so maybe catalytic converter? Anything else anyone has tried with misfires? Thanks
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