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So I have a little problem, car died on me.. could get it started with a boost the first couple times but then nothing.. changed batteries and starts up and runs fine, but now the voltage is slowly dropping off... when I start the car it runs at 11.8 or so volts and with the radio on and stuff it slowly starts to drop... flickering between 11.7 and 11.8 and then eventually will stay steady at 11.7.. then flicker between 11.6.. you get the idea. This is a very slow drop, .1 every few minutes or so. As i understand, it should fluctuate much more if the alternator is charging correctly right?

What I'm basically wondering is should I just go ahead and replace the alternator or does someone have a suggestion as to what else it might be?

edit.. even when revving the voltage is consistent, and slowly dropping
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