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and I read a bunch of stuff about this. My 01 compressor is going to die real soon. I am not going thru this much crap to swap a clutch. I am doing the whole compressor.

The plate broke loose from the rubber mounts thingies. So to get by I recentered and spaced it with a couple screw drivers jammed in there. It is about 40-60 deg here lately. I dont care if it engages. So I welded the front piece to the plate to keep it from rattling. This is working for the moment. it turns freely. It wont engage because my screw drivers were a little thick and created too much space. But I can drive it! I did notice the bearings are a little noisy...its time to replace this thing soon.

I read Rudys write up about dropping one side of the subframe....

I read another about removing a fan and coolant manifold and an o2 sensor. This method seems to be too tight between the sub frame and exhaust to me.

I BELIEVE, I can pull this off by removing the tire, pulling the inner fender plastic loose. Then removing the passengers side fan to get knuckle room.
Then there are some hoses to get apart. Then I think it will fit out this larger space between the sub and the body frame. I was surprised to see that this engine is as big or bigger than most v-8 engines. Who engineered this. They should make that guy fix this.
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