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  1. 94 merc sable wagon Check Engine Light issues.

    Maintenance and Repair
    So I bought his wagon super cheap because it is extremely clean with low miles. (45k) Everything was fine the few times I went to look at it and drive it. It sat for two three years with a dead battery. Threw one in and drove it around twice for like ten minutes. Well two weeks later I go pick...
  2. Rear bumper skin replacement 03 Sable wagon.

    Maintenance and Repair
    Towards the end of January, my daughter was in a minor accident. She was the creamy center in an Oreo cookie. While, thankfully, there were no injuries, there was quite a bit of irritating body damage. While waiting for insurance, spent some time looking for parts, what would work and what...
  3. 92 Sable wagon fuel pump help!

    Maintenance and Repair
    I'm looking to replace the fuel pump in my 92 sable wagon, I'm having trouble finding where and how people have cut an access panel in the back to get to it instead of dropping the whole tank. The couple of links I have found went to disabled pages or were no longer available... I have the new...
  4. Rubenstein is dead

    Taurus and Sable General Discussion
    Unfortunately, about a month ago I hit a deer in my 1999 Taurus se wagon, the damage seemed to only be cosmetic until I opened the hood and saw that it had shoved the core support backwards into the fan. It wasn’t overheating or anything but insurance offered me way more than I expected and I...