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  1. Taurus and Sable General Discussion
    Hi! I've never had to buy my own tires before and I was hoping y'all would have some suggestions on good tires for my bull. For a car that doesn't have a whole lot of aftermarket options there sure are a lot of tires to choose from :) And I know different tires are better in certain categories...
  2. 5th-6th Gen Aesthetics, Interior, Wheels, Tires
    Hi, I currently have 245/45R20's on my 2014 Ford Taurus AWD Limited. I'm looking for a set of snow tyres and the 50's are a LOT cheaper then the 45's. The 50's would add just under an inch to the diameter. Would this cause any problems with rubbing or ABS etc? I did find one post from 2015 but...
  3. Solutions to Common Problems and 'How To' Articles
    Who's good with some numbers? I've got a spreadsheet that I was hoping people might look at to check my math. I want to add some larger wheels and tires. Of course, I know it's not that simple. Width, offset, clearance, tire circumference, and more all come into play. I found some websites that...
1-3 of 3 Results