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  1. Maintenance and Repair
    After bringing in my car (Ford Taurus 2003 SEL) for an oil change I found that my car vibrates when turning at certain speeds (like coming off the highway). No other issues besides that, accelerates fine and no vibrations while going straight or switching lanes or breaking, just while making...
  2. 5th-6th Gen Aesthetics, Interior, Wheels, Tires
    Hey there just snagged a 2011 sel awd only has 46k on the car, the tires are about worn out and I have a North central West Virginia Highlands winter coming.. Any recommendations under $650 ish?? 235/55/18
  3. Taurus and Sable General Discussion
    Hi! I've never had to buy my own tires before and I was hoping y'all would have some suggestions on good tires for my bull. For a car that doesn't have a whole lot of aftermarket options there sure are a lot of tires to choose from :) And I know different tires are better in certain categories...
  4. 5th-6th Gen Aesthetics, Interior, Wheels, Tires
    Hi, I currently have 245/45R20's on my 2014 Ford Taurus AWD Limited. I'm looking for a set of snow tyres and the 50's are a LOT cheaper then the 45's. The 50's would add just under an inch to the diameter. Would this cause any problems with rubbing or ABS etc? I did find one post from 2015 but...
  5. Solutions to Common Problems and 'How To' Articles
    Who's good with some numbers? I've got a spreadsheet that I was hoping people might look at to check my math. I want to add some larger wheels and tires. Of course, I know it's not that simple. Width, offset, clearance, tire circumference, and more all come into play. I found some websites that...
1-5 of 5 Results