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tire size

  1. Tire & Wheel Size Comparison Tool Ultimate Edition

    Taurus and Sable General Discussion
    A while back I created a spreadsheet and I just updated it today to include speedometer changes. There were different sites that have some of the info, different info, but none had how much difference there would be for the rim or tire on the inside or outside of the wheel well, and none had all...
  2. Can I fit 245/50R20 to my 2014 Taurus Limited AWD?

    5th-6th Gen Aesthetics, Interior, Wheels, Tires
    Hi, I currently have 245/45R20's on my 2014 Ford Taurus AWD Limited. I'm looking for a set of snow tyres and the 50's are a LOT cheaper then the 45's. The 50's would add just under an inch to the diameter. Would this cause any problems with rubbing or ABS etc? I did find one post from 2015 but...