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  1. I need some help.....Car sounds like a diesel truck then stalls.

    Maintenance and Repair
    Ok, So I need some serious help. I recently bought a 03 Ford Taurus 3.0 Duratec engine with 53k miles on it from one of my friends. They claim the car just completely died while driving one day. They replaced the fuel pump, a couple of the vacuum hoses, new spark plugs and wires. Since I have...
  2. Low heat/intermittent stalling

    Maintenance and Repair
    Hi everyone, I own a 2002 Mercury Sable GS (equipped with the optional GS Plus Package) with the Vulcan engine. Car has 194K miles and I've owned it since August 2015. I'm having some issues that I need guidance on, since I've replaced various items but it still needs some work. 1...