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  1. Maintenance and Repair
    I am replacing both hubs on the rear of my 2000 Taurus SE Wagon, disc brakes at all four corners with ABS. One of the replacement hubs, BCA hub #WE60443 will not fully seat on the spindle. Do hubs sometimes require a tap to fully seat on the spindle? I did lightly oil the spindle before...
  2. 5th-6th Gen Aesthetics, Interior, Wheels, Tires
    New problem with my 2011 SHO with 100K miles (and I didn't find anything about this in a search in the community, SHO Forum, or openly online): there's a black grit coming out of the front seats that feels like sand. It's worse on the passenger seat but comes out of both. I'm wondering if the...
  3. Aesthetics, Interior, Wheels and Tires
    I owned a 2002 taurus LX years ago. Had a manual seat. Height was no problem. Im about 6'2 and some change. I purchased a 2003 SE commuter car a few weeks ago. Like a bone head, i didnt really inspect the height of the seat as my concerns were more about engine, transmission, rust, mileage etc...
1-3 of 3 Results