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  1. 5th-6th Gen Electronics, Security, Audio, Visual
    So I have a 2012 Taurus and all of a sudden the entertainment system turned off and the AC got stuck blowing hot air for no reason. I reset the car through the battery with no success, so I took it and did a check on the PCM and got a bunch of faults that neither me or the guy doing the check...
  2. Electronics, Security, Audio and Visual
    I have a 2000 SEL inherited from my wife's Grandmother. Currently has 80k miles on it, but the mechanic and I can't communicate with the PCM. The shop I've gone to for the last five years is reputable and usually does a good job of checking all the small stuff (wire connections, fuses) before...
  3. Maintenance and Repair
    When I put the key end and try to start absolutely nothing happens all lights on the - work but when I turned the key it doesn't do anything I bought a diagnostic programming Bluetooth, the thinkdiag, Cost $109 after connecting I learn there is no communication between the obd 2 port and the PCM...
  4. Maintenance and Repair
    So, my beloved Tortoise (with all affection I say that) decided to completely die on me at the post office last week. Normally, I do all the work on the car myself, but because I had to have it towed and checked it went to my normal mechanic. Bad fuel pump was what I was told. I ordered a new...
1-4 of 4 Results