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  1. Introduction Forum
    Hey all! I'm new here! I've driven a 2008 Fusion before for ~3 years and been very happy with Ford. Girlfriend needed a new car so we picked up a 2006 Taurus SEL (Vulkan) from a nearby dealer with only 105K miles on it for $3K. I really like the drive quality so far, but the build an design is a...
  2. Taurus and Sable General Discussion
    Hey guys! My name is Casey and I just thought I’d introduce myself and my car. I also wanted to give a quick overview of my history with it so far and ask for any helpful advice as a Taurus owner. Late last year I decided I had enough of dealing with my used VW Jetta and decided I was going to...
  3. Introduction Forum
    Hello! I think I was here before, but if so, it was a while back, and who knows what transpired. Anyway, I'm here now, fellow Taurus Fiends! I'm on Station wagon #3, an Emerald Green 1995, which I've had since 2011 and he's my baby! Fortunately, he has very low mileage and I probably treat...
  4. Introduction Forum
    Hello Taurus World, a new member here, i registered few days ago but i only just found out how to create a post lol. I am a new owner of 2014 Taurus Limited from Austin Texas. waving hello to everyone. It's great finding this Taurus Club and i appreciate all the Input and information sharing by...
1-4 of 4 Results