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  1. 94 merc sable wagon Check Engine Light issues.

    Maintenance and Repair
    So I bought his wagon super cheap because it is extremely clean with low miles. (45k) Everything was fine the few times I went to look at it and drive it. It sat for two three years with a dead battery. Threw one in and drove it around twice for like ten minutes. Well two weeks later I go pick...
  2. 2002 Mercury Sable Catalytic converter replacement

    Maintenance and Repair
    Hey guys, my 02 sable has been acting jumpy and low on power. I pulled over while driving it recently and noticed the rear bank of the engine's cat was glowing red. I can feel the exhaust out of the tailpipe but i'm not sure thats conclusive of anything. Its for sure low on power and I have...
  3. My FoMoCo rides

    Other Rides
    Hi all, I'm glad I joined this group. I'm a very loyal FoMoCo guy just like my late father was. The first car I learned how to drive in was my mom's '98 Taurus SE before it was scrapped due to a blown head gasket. First car I ever owned was my '96 Escort LX (had it from May 2010 to March 2019)...