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  1. 5th and 6th Gen Maintenance and Repair
    I have a 2015 Taurus SEL. I took my car through an automatic car wash yesterday and immediately after I noticed that my windows began to really fog up. It was very cold at the time. Turned on the defrost and noticed nothing was really happening so I pulled over. Had very minimal airflow. Now...
  2. 5th-6th Gen Electronics, Security, Audio, Visual
    2014 Limited, 8" Sony w/o Navigation. Sync 2. Hey All, I've seen a few threads about this but so far, usual recommendations have not resolved. Maybe. Driving along, HVAC will turn itself off randomly. 9/10 times I have to use the 8" screen controls to turn it back on as control panel does not...
  3. 5th-6th Gen Electronics, Security, Audio, Visual
    So I have a 2012 Taurus and all of a sudden the entertainment system turned off and the AC got stuck blowing hot air for no reason. I reset the car through the battery with no success, so I took it and did a check on the PCM and got a bunch of faults that neither me or the guy doing the check...
1-3 of 3 Results