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  1. 5th and 6th Gen Maintenance and Repair
    Trying to help my younger, less mechanically inclined neighbor diagnose his 2013 taurus 3.5. Cranks but no start. Was driving and it stalled out. He said CEL came on and went away within 2 days around 2.5 months ago. He works 3rd shift and was unable to have codes pulled before it went away...
  2. ABS

    Maintenance and Repair
    hello yall, its me again, i have this 1999 ford taurus OHV SE and ever since i bought it never experienced the ABS working, until yesterday wanting to test it out and the bad news it doesnt turn on or feel the brake pushing back on me foot, i need help, what could it be ya'll?
  3. Taurus and Sable General Discussion
    I noticed I might be missing a flywheel cover yesterday. I had some engine work done a few months ago and I cant remember the flywheel being exposed like this. I've tried googling it and I cant seem to find anything about it. I was hoping maybe someone could feed me some information here. Or...
  4. Maintenance and Repair
    The headlight frame header panel on my 1995 GL is broken. How do I replace it? I got all the bolts out (that I can see) and it won’t budge. I am a mechanic so I’m somehow mechanically inclined, but this I can’t figure. Does the bumper have to come off? It looks like it slides into the bumper...
  5. 5th-6th Gen Electronics, Security, Audio, Visual
    2011 Ford Taurus Sel came with stock halogen projector housings, I did a full 55watt 6k morimoto hid swap, I literally couldn’t see before. The light out out is great but I have a “rod” shadow on my left side, and my lights are aimed all crazy.. best way to fix this? Thanks
  6. Maintenance and Repair
    Circled from a screenshot from my husband, any help would be great Edit: 2007 Ford Taurus SE
  7. 5th and 6th Gen Engine and Drivetrain
    The car I personally have is a 2013 Taurus Limited FWD w/ a 3.5l V6, but I figured I'd make the topic broader to just the engine. What tuner is preferred to tune this engine? Compatibility-wise, I've mostly seen the SCT X4 and an HP Tuner setup. Ideally, I want something that's cost-effective...
  8. Maintenance and Repair
    I recently got an 04 Taurus that has had the same owner since 2007. My parents have had the car for about 14 years. 150k miles and no known major problems. Pretty well taken care of and regular oil changes as needed. The check engine light had been on for a few weeks before receiving the car...
  9. 5th and 6th Gen Engine and Drivetrain
    I bought an 2014 Interceptor at an auction with the plan of replacing the engine with 155K miles on it along with the transmission. Question is; can I put a 2016 3.7 second gen engine into this car without any mods or different wiring harnesses?
  10. 5th-6th Gen Electronics, Security, Audio, Visual
    So I have a 2012 Taurus and all of a sudden the entertainment system turned off and the AC got stuck blowing hot air for no reason. I reset the car through the battery with no success, so I took it and did a check on the PCM and got a bunch of faults that neither me or the guy doing the check...
  11. Taurus and Sable General Discussion
    i was wondering if any taurus guru’s or ford enthusiasts in the kansas city area could help me out. i am stumped with my ‘94 vulcan v6 taurus. i recently got it running after some grounding issues but it almost redlines upon start and i can not find the reason. i believe it’s a vacuum leak, it...
  12. 5th and 6th Gen Engine and Drivetrain
    I have a 2013 SHO and it has a serious engine knock on it. Took it into Ford and said it’s the headers and there’s metal in the oil. They say I need a whole new engine but kinda don’t want to do that. Is there anyway to make it go away or fix it. Anything helps thanks
  13. Maintenance and Repair
    What is the possibility of this noise? Here's a video of the car so hopefully somebody can help me.
  14. Electronics, Security, Audio and Visual
    I have a 2007 Taurus SE and I bought some LED headlights to run because I’m not a big fan of yellow light. The bright is always on the passenger side headlight, then when the brights are on, the driver side bright turns on while the passenger side shuts off. What could be causing this? The led...
  15. Maintenance and Repair
    So I bought his wagon super cheap because it is extremely clean with low miles. (45k) Everything was fine the few times I went to look at it and drive it. It sat for two three years with a dead battery. Threw one in and drove it around twice for like ten minutes. Well two weeks later I go pick...
  16. 5th-6th Gen Electronics, Security, Audio, Visual
    Hi, I Have a 2011 taurus limited and Im looking to see if anyone has upgraded their center console radio, receiver from just buttons to a touch screen and how they did it with what harnesses or if the 2013 screen from ford might work? Anything will help! Thanks
  17. Taurus and Sable General Discussion
    I have a 2009 Ford Taurus. I’ve brought it to a mechanic several times and they still don’t know what the problem is. My track light keeps randomly coming on. I know it’s going to come on because my breaks make a squeaking / groaning noise first. When it does come on, my stirring wheel feels...
  18. Suspension, Handling and Brakes
    I own a 2013 ford Taurus and want to lower it on airlift suspension sadly they don't supply air lift for the Taurus but they do have it for the fusion so I was wondering if anyone else tried to interchange them and use the fusion suspension in the Taurus
  19. Engine and Drivetrain
    I have a an 03 SEL with 14x,xbox miles on it. Car is mechanically incredible and has really turned me towards the cars. However the kid I traded my truck fo for it overfilled the tranny. Not a lot where the whole thing is screwed but enough that when I am goin up the Big Mountain Roadway to my...
1-19 of 21 Results