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gen 4

  1. Maintenance and Repair
    Hi everyone. I’m planning on removing my power steering pump this weekend. I have a Motorcraft rebuilt unit from Rock Auto that arrived today. I see the clearance to get my pulley remover in place is a bit tight. For those with experience in this have you been successful pulling the pulley off...
  2. Suspension, Handling and Brakes
    I am considering doing a gen 3 strut with gen 2 cargo springs on the rear of my 2006 SE (Which should fit if i'm not mistaken) , which strut (manufacturer/part #) do you all recommend? I am considering the Moog CC859 Variable Rate Coil Spring.
  3. Suspension, Handling and Brakes
    Looking for suggestions where to look or just a plain slap in the face to leave things be and live with it related to ride height after replacing all 4 struts, sway bar links, inner and outer tie rods. Late last year I finally decided I had enough of the poor ride quality on my 2003 SEL Sedan...