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  1. Instructional Videos and Links
    I’ve owned my Taurus for about 11 months now and the lights on my steering wheel, namely the “Vol” and “Seek” seemed to have burned out. I’m trying to see if I can find the fuses that they connect to see if those need to be replaced but I’m not sure where to start. Can someone please point me in...
  2. Maintenance and Repair
    I replaced the Multi-Function Switch/stalk, the fuses and the relay. Bulbs are all good- right size and voltage. I don't understand why the hazards still work but the turn signals do not. I keep thinking it must be the MFS but I replaced it twice already. Currently it has a Motorcraft MFS. Any...
  3. Maintenance and Repair
    I am fixing my girlfriend's 06 Taurus, and replacing the front-most fuse block that connects battery to alternator. I have been trying to find a wiring diagram for this for a week now and I haven't come across anything helpful. I don't need to know what fuses go where, those are easy. I am...
1-3 of 3 Results