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  1. Hard To shift into Gear From Park and Brake Lights Don't Work Sometimes

    Suspension, Handling and Brakes
    Just got a 2004 Taurus SE FFV Vulcan (VIN 2) and most times I go to shift into any gear from park often times it doesn't let me shift, it is acting as my foot isn't on the brake but it is, and sometimes also when I press the brake pedal The brakes lights flash for about a quarter of a second and...
  2. 2008 Mercury Sable brake pedal sink - not master?

    Maintenance and Repair
    So, I've have a chronic issue with my 2008 Mercury Sable; brakes. seem to always wear down pads rotors fast. anyway, for the last 5+ years my problem has been brake pedal sink. it's strange; press the brake pedal quick, kind of hard, it will catch up top and NOT sink to the floor. BUT if...