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  1. 2011 Taurus Limited Radio/Center Console Upgrade

    5th-6th Gen Electronics, Security, Audio, Visual
    Hi, I Have a 2011 taurus limited and Im looking to see if anyone has upgraded their center console radio, receiver from just buttons to a touch screen and how they did it with what harnesses or if the 2013 screen from ford might work? Anything will help! Thanks
  2. HAVE ANY OF YOU SEEN - 3rd Gen Aftermarket Radio with EATC

    Electronics, Security, Audio and Visual
    OK, I'm about at my wits end. At this point I want to upgrade my head unit. A client has previously upgraded my speakers, added amps, and a custom sub (pics below for anyone interested shot before completion. We removed 3rd row seat, and build included custom cover over sub) into my 99 Taurus...
  3. Installing a CD changer in a 1997 Taurus

    Electronics, Security, Audio and Visual
    See my post below for actual information I got a good deal on a trunk-mount CD changer and harness on eBay, it's supposed to be here in a couple of days. Are there any holes I need to drill into the trunk in order to accommodate the mounting brackets? Also, what size bolts/nuts should I get for...
  4. Aftermarket Audio Install

    Electronics, Security, Audio and Visual
    Good afternoon everyone , this is my first post , so hello ! Im posting today to see if someone could help me with advice for my aftermarket audio install on my 2015 Taurus SHO. Me and a friend , replaced all door speakers with pioneers. We also have each door speaker (6x9) being powered by a...