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3.0 vulcan

  1. Missing front engine mount bolts 94/95 3.0 auto

    Maintenance and Repair
    This is a great forum and I learn a lot from reading and I really tried to figure this out but I need some help so here goes, I went to change what I thought was broken front motor mount only to find the two bolts that hold the mount to engine had taken a leave of absence. I can't seem to find...

    Maintenance and Repair
    HELLO, I have had many issues with ignition modules over the yrs. Both GMC and FORD. I am current owner of a 1993 Taurus 3.0 Vulcan eight vin of "U" . I cannot find a good module replacement for it, The module just dies out when the vehicle gets to operation temp. FORD has discontinued their...
  3. 02 Ford Taurus 3.0 OHV Massive Coolent leak.

    Maintenance and Repair
    Bought a cheap care $250 with 143,000 miles clean nice car other than a few years senior. The add said it was leaking coolent from behind water pump and was over heating. I figured I would take this project on and do the TC as I have done them before and felt comfortable doing it and had tools...
  4. Full motor tranny swap

    Maintenance and Repair
    So in my introduction post I posted about my bf attempting to swap the motor and tranny from his 03 to my 01. After a ocean of sweat and I know there were a couple tears. I can't even count the hours this man put into this job. I am proud to say it was a huge victory and partial success! Brand...