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  1. 5th and 6th Gen Maintenance and Repair
    I need help! I own a 2013 Ford taurus 3.5L SEL non turbo with misfire/stumbling issues with no engine codes (Mostly felt between 1200 - 2300 RPMs). So far I've replaced the air filter, MAF, purge valve, spark plugs and coils. Any suggestions what I should do next? Thank you.
  2. Taurus and Sable General Discussion
    The drivers seat in my 2013 Taurus won’t move. The lumbar, back, and seat switches don’t work at all but the 2 seat memory buttons do still work. Can someone help me so I don’t have to pay to get it fixed?
  3. 5th and 6th Gen Maintenance and Repair
    About a month ago my check fuel inlet warning popped up on my dashboard. A friend of mine replaced the evap solenoid and it seemed to help. Then about a week ago I get a check engine light so I hooked up my error code reader and it threw P0137. It seem to be running fine and I was told that it...
  4. A5F9304C-0C3C-4563-AC34-0FE2A93BA755.jpeg

    Day one. Just got the Taurus.
  5. 5th and 6th Gen Maintenance and Repair
    Hi everyone, I'm having an issue trying to replace the bulb on my 2013 Taurus. I know a lot of people have had issues trying to access this bulb because the space is so cramped, but thankfully I could get at it. However, to my disappointment, I just could NOT get the bulb out of the housing and...
  6. 5th and 6th Gen Maintenance and Repair
    I have a problem with the blinker. If I click it once for a lane change it works just fine but when I double click it for a normal turn, the light just blinks once then turns off. Why is this happening and what is the solution? Thanks.
  7. Cars For Sale
    2013 Police Interceptor 3.5L Ecoboost. 121k miles in very good condition $8888. Rodney 770-365-7091 Gwinnett Motor Company 2289 Lawrenceville Hwy - Lawrenceville, Ga. 30044 trucks4people.com
1-7 of 7 Results