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Taurus Limited
Sterling Grey Metallic
I made it fully loaded
Was an undercover car for either Government or some sort of Agency before I received the car from a Ford dealer.
When I purchased the car, it had 57k on the odometer, a loose rack and pinion, a few bullet holes in the driver side fender, and a couple other electrical issues.
2013 Ford Taurus Limited (Sterling Grey Metallic)


- PRE tuning
- Custom turbo kit (EcoBoost turbos fabricated onto engine)
- Complete aluminum air intake build
- Sonnax Zip Kit (Shift Kit)
- 4 piston brake swap to the front (work in progress)
- Ported Upper and lower intake manifolds
- Heat wrapped fuel lines and other lines/hoses and underside of intake manifold.
- 2017 Explorer Platinum steering wheel
- Weathertech floor liners
- Uniden R3 radar detector
- SHO style sport pedals
- Paddle shifter extensions
- Heated steering wheel module retrofit (In Progress)
- Custom locking toolkit in trunk (In Progress)
- SHO Wheels and grille
- Rebuilt headlights for HIDs, RGBW halos, RGBW demon eyes
- Rebuilt foglights for RBGW
- 18% Tint
- Debaged
- All-Fit 1.5" Front Lip
- Aftermarket sunroof (I really wanted a sunroof. I promise I reinforced the upper frame)
- LED license plate lights, puddle lights, and trunk lights
- Ford emblem overlays (Carbon background with silver writing)
- SHOsStyle spoiler
- Chrome mirror caps painted gloss black
- Chrome exhaust tips (3.5")
- Gloss black roof wrap (In Progress)
- Navigation Unlocked <--- When I Had SYNC2
- Harmon & Kardon Sound System Upgrade (In Progress)
- SYNC3 Upgrade
- H&R lowering kit (1.5" drop) <--- Removed for Coilovers
- Stiffer anti-sway bars (Police Package)
- Megan Racing coilovers
Wheel and Tire
- SHO Wheels 20"
- Powerstop Z23 Drilled and Slotted Rotors and Pads
- Wheel Spacers (20mm rear, 10mm front)
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Do you mind sharing a little more on the turbo setup you have? Also pictures of how you have it setup as well? My not get turbos but I'm looking to getting the ecoboost headers then fabricating a pipe to connect to the rest of the exhaust to delete the cats. But it would be possible to bolt on a turbo to the headers if I were to go that route in the future.