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Taurus SEL
Gold Leaf Metallic
Purchased used at a car auction. I originally had an 08 Taurus, which I loved to death, but then had to search for a new car when I totaled Taurusaurus Rex Sr. on the snowy roads of Utah. I had originally planned on getting a newer Fusion, but when I saw this car at the auction I decided to give it a test drive just for kicks and giggles. I wasn't thrilled with the color, and it was out of my price range. But man I fell in love as soon as I got inside. It was sleek and modern, it was big, but it drove strong and shifted smooth. I bit the bullet and bought it and haven't looked back since.
2010 Ford Taurus SEL (Gold Leaf Metallic)


2 12" Alpine subs in the trunk in a custom 4 ft² ported box that I made, tuned to 28 Hz. Running off of a Pioneer 1,600 watt amplifier installed under the seat. Bass control knob up under the driver's side, near the OBD II port. Bass is so strong it broke my rear-view mirror off, taking a chunk of the windshield with it! Stock speakers, but they actually keep up very well and the system sounds good.



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