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Deep Forest Metallic
My future wife and I bought this 1999 Ford Taurus SE as our daily driver for $350. It's got over 266,000 miles on it and well... it still runs. So that's pretty impressive to me. I've got quite a few things I want to do to it.

- Replace Passenger Mirror (Hit Road Debris, Shattered It)
- Fix Power Windows / Locks (My Clicker Only Locks / Unlocks My Doors 50% of the Time)
- Fix AC / Heat
- Replace Shocks & Struts
- Replace Spark Plugs
- Replace Front / Rear Rotors
- Replace Battery
- Replace All Weather-Stripping (The Rubber Strips In Nearly All the Seams and Joints Are Peeling)
- Replace Front Windshield (Rubber Strips Around It's Edges are Loose, Wind Whistles Into the Cab When I Drive It)
- Replace Wiper Blades
- Replace Oil & Fuel Filters / Oil Change
- Fix Fuel Gauge (It's All Over the Place, Reads At a Quarter Tank, Then It'll jump to Half Sometimes)
- New Front Quarter Panels (Dented to Hell)
- New Bumpers (Plastic, Cracked & Busted)
- Re-Install the Stereo (I've Got Stereo Cables Running Across My Floor Boards, Then Under the Rear Seat and Into My Trunk. Guy Who Installed It Was a Moron)
- Re-Paint Exterior (I'd Prefer To Paint It Black. It's Green Right Now. Dark, Forestry ugly-assed Green.
- Install Front & Rear Brush Guards
- Install 6 Inch Lift
- Install New Tires, American Racing Torq-Thrust-M Rims
- Install Aftermarket LED Headlamps / Blinkers / Taillights
- Re-Upholster Interior (Black Fabrics, Dash & Interior Surfaces)
- Install Aftermarket Driver & Passenger Racing Seats
1999 Ford Taurus (Deep Forest Metallic)


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