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Taurus SES
Purchased for $300 from someone who left it sit for a year and a half. (Took me several washes to get all the algae out of the nooks and crannies. Letting a car sit next to/partially IN blackberry bushes is NOT recommended here in Portland, OR).

Has a little body damage in Passenger's front right quarter panel, and another rather small ding in Driver's Door, and the Driver's back quarter glass is broken, and the headlights are all blurry/needs polishing.(Passenger side headlight looks like it has water trapped inside. Don't really know what to do about that.)
One tire is bad.

First thing, replaced the spark plugs.

It stopped pumping gas after a couple minutes, so dropped the fuel tank, cleaned it, and replaced both the Fuel Pump Good GOD was there a lot of dirt in there. When I pulled the pump, it looked like MUD was coming out of the little flappy strainer!( Fuel Pump ~$200-O'reilly's Auto Parts) and the Fuel Filter (~$10-AutoZone), put Super in it, and it fired right up!

Figured I'd better at least bleed the brakes to be safe.

Got my church Bishop to help me pump the brakes.
Almost finished the last wheel, and the pedal went to the floor!

New Master cylinder (~100-AutoZone)
Re-bled completely (~$10 AutoZone, maybe a little less)

Kept an eye on Craigslist for cars being parted out, and AHA! $20 for Quarter glass from an '01.

So, for $300-car,~$350 parts, A WHOLE LOT of watching YouTube Videos, I got a decent ride.
Only gets about 19mi/Gal, But it works reliably.

You know, at the risk of sounding like my gram-pa, you kids have it so easy nowadays with YouTube to figure out how to work on cars. Theres videos on EVERYTHING! The Haynes manuals we had to use SUCKED!

UP NEXT-- Installing the Quarter Glass and REPLACING THAT DAMN AIR FILTER BOX! (Went to put in the new air filter and the little tab holders broke off!)
Hmm, maybe I can drill and rig it with stainless steel hose clamps)
ALSO, The Pick-n-Pull on SE 111th is having a Memorial Day Sale of 50% off everything and only $10 for radios, so I picked one out of an 04 that has a single CD in it in addition to the 6 disk, trunk mounted changer, instead of the Cassette tape player mine has. Hope it fits! (They said I can get store credit for it if it doesn't)
2000 Ford Taurus SES (Silver)


To Do: change out the Engine Air Filter box that I broke the plastic (tab locks?) off.
To do: Change the radio from the stock cassette player one with the missing changer in the trunk to an '04 Taurus stock model with a single cd in the dash (on top of the changer in the trunk if I decide to pick one up.)
Wheel and Tire
Found a used tire with 60% tread left for $40 installed/balanced.


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