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General Information

Taurus SE
Sliver Frost
DOHC,electronic climate control,Leather seats,
It was originally my wife's car from before we meet back in 2004...funny story it was over heating and had no breaks I offered to fix it! We hit it off! She drove it for the first 120k not really doing much in the name of taking care of it my 95 valcon died two years ago and I bought her a new car and started driving this one. from day one started rebuilding it not only for reliability but also for fun
2000 Ford Taurus SE (Sliver Frost)


cold air intake with spectra cone filter
2 batteries with 75 amp solenoid 1 starting battery and 1 house battery

painted valve covers intake and fluid covers Ford blue and white cleared to keep shine

cleaned valves and replaced lifter spring

dual exhaust
will add more as I think of it!
air tank i made and a 12v air compressor mounted to the backseat inside of the trunk with retractable air hose
500w power inverter
full size spare tire
Classic mustang horse emblem on dash for inspiration
12volt power Gage with 3 pole intermittent switch to test batteries and alt.
vacuum gage hooked into pcv valve both gages are in a nice holder mounted on the trim to the left of the driver seat
dynamat doors/trunk
blue LEDs under dash
Repainted it and am in the process of adding clearcoat until its extra mirrored finish
Blacked out headlights and tail lights!
added fog lights and 12 LED strips under each headlamp.
removed bumper stickers
Added my 95 Taurus decklid emblem to hood as a remembrance of the 330k/10years it made it(hoping to carry over the good vibes to this car!)
back up camera
green neons groundFX!
8 inch dvd player (with also dbls as my back up camera screen)
extra fuse box to ensure plenty of 12v hook ups
Long range flat panel wifi antenna also mounted in trunk to ensure I can chill in my car and get hotspots
turned a tape to headphone adaptor into a bluetooth tape
cb radio

**looking endlessly for a way to add my deck jl audio speakers and crossovers,my p2d2.12s in custom box and my 3500w of amps
New aftermarket struts all around
new bushings, tie rods, custom made motor mounts, (May '16)

aftermarket stabilizer bar in front with heavy duty links, new links in back
replaced ball joints in (July '16)

new wheel bearings in ft
ceramic pads and rebuilt calipers replaced rotors (aug '16) looking to do the lines in SS and add strut tower braces soon!
Wheel and Tire
larger tires in the back 205/65/r16
painted knuckles calipers/brackets and drums
clear coated rims


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