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Showcase cover image for 1992 PROPANE Tempo GL 4 dr Sedan Automatic

General Information

Tempo GL 4dr Sedan
White with grey interior
Propane Conversion, ATX, PS, PB, AM/FM/Cassette, Power Locks, Power Windows, Truck Release, Rear Window Defroster. Lower body protective cladding.
This was an ex-Boulder CO fire department car 1992-2002. I got it at auction in early in 2003 for 10 year sell-offs with ~75k miles. Needed some work, which I did. Was my daily driver for 10 years. Made a number of long 500 to 1500 mile trips. NEVER ran out of fuel due to wise trip planning. Have all repair and MPG records from 2003 on. Receipts for and info on all propane stops ever used. When propane was $2 and gas was $4, I save $1000's!!! Now, not so good a deal, so I'm driving a Honda most of the time. Start and warm it up couple times a month to keep battery happy and condensation out. 170k miles on her now. Still a good, clean, solid car. Contact me if you have an interest.
1992 Ford Tempo GL 4dr Sedan (White with grey interior)


Single fuel Propane conversion. 20 gallon tank in trunk (17 usable due to required expansion space). Quality plugs, wires, cap. Engine untouched OEM. ATX 3-spd transmission fluid change every 3 oil changes. Drain plug installed in ATX pan. I notice it has full center tunnel, likely for accommodation of the 4WD option. Therefore could take a rear drive train mod. Timing marks imposible to see, so I modded the wheel well for timing light access.
OEM interior in decent shape for 170k miles. Swapped the left-right front seats to even out the wear and improve back support 50k miles ago. Easy to swap back when I sell.
OEM paint in good condition. No peel or strip-off. Don't see any rust. A little weather checking on frontal edges of hood. Propane stickers as required by law. Could use a buff and wax job. Windshield took a baseball hit and needs replacing. Other glass all good. Very few door dings. Head lights need refinishing. I use a car cover.
OEM AM/FM/Cassette deluxe radio. 2 ways in the doors. 3 ways in back on shelf. Propane tank clearance doesn't allow parcel shelf speakers to hang down. Door speakers need replacing soon.
HD progressive springs front and rear. New rear struts. Front end is tight. Corners flat. Works well here on the Colorado mountain roads and still has good snow clearance in winter.
Wheel and Tire
Stock type M/S tires, one size wider. Makes for decent ride and good tire mileage (wheel well clearance limits size anyway). Found pair of OEM alloy wheels (mounted as you can see) but not 2nd pair. Have a number of OEM steels under wraps. Mini spare removed and real tire and rim in the trunk.



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