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  1. Front Bumper For A Sho

    Maintenance and Repair
    No Toreador red, but I have 2 Black and one Willow Green front bumper cover. They are in the Chicago area, pickup only.
  2. Just how common is the Duratec 35/37 water pump issue?

    5th and 6th Gen Maintenance and Repair
    I think I might have talked to his brother in the early 00's about the 3.4 V8 Camshafts.... Very rare, isolated incidents.... Yeah, THAT'S the ticket! https://www.carcomplaints.com/news/2018/ford-water-pump-class-action-lawsuit.shtml
  3. no crank no start

    Maintenance and Repair
    On the V8 SHO starter there is this little pink wire to the trigger on the starter solenoid. The terminal connector becomes weak and will fall off sometimes. Is there a trigger wire on this starters' solenoid that may have fallen off?
  4. 2008 Auxiliary Trans Cooler?

    5th and 6th Gen Engine and Drivetrain
    Most of the stacked plate coolers work in a simple mode - the cold fluid is THICK, it ONLY passes on the top few plates. As the fluid heats up, it passes through more and more lower plates until the full cooler is passing fluid. No need for a bypass. Nature takes its course. Thick, cold fluid...
  5. car is maddening

    Maintenance and Repair
    I don't know about the 2002's, but I know the 96 - 99 V8 SHO's fairly well. On the SHO's, there is a small tangle of vacuum hoses in the rear of the car by the gas tank for evaporative recovery in the fuel system. With age these hoses crack, kink, just get loose - all manner of things. When...
  6. Anyone remember The Sho Shop?

    Odds and Ends
    LOL. ^^^^ Something like this comes to mind.... Yes, I remember Vadim. Another thing I will say - He tried where most others talked - One can always tell the pioneers, they are the ones with the arrows in their backs.
  7. Can't find Key and can't search for "Lost Key" on Forum!

    Maintenance and Repair
    Yah. PATS 2. Yer toast without a WDS programmer and they are getting hard to come by. PATS 1 one could get away with just one key and program new ones. PATS 2, needs 2 keys to program any other keys. No keys on a PATS 2? Maybe easiest is swap a computer, PATS module, and key cylinders from a...
  8. Replaced Master Cylinder Twice Pedal still going the Floor!

    Suspension, Handling and Brakes
    Just making sure because you didn't actually say it. Did you BENCH BLEED the master cylinder first before trying to install it?
  9. 3.5 Block Cracked After Coolant Flush

    5th and 6th Gen Engine and Drivetrain
    My condolences on your troubles. Not making light of your issues, rather trying to get to the real bottom of what may have happened if they did put in a proper antifreeze mix refill. I will throw this out there as a possibility. I work with industrial UV lighting which creates enormous...
  10. Aftermarkey MAF popping warning lights

    Engine and Drivetrain
    I don't think you get it. The MAF does one thing - Send a 0 to 5 volt signal to an input on the computer. It does not and can not 'remove restrictions' from anything. It either sends a higher voltage signal sooner, or later, depending on its calibration.
  11. 5.0 swap

    Engine and Drivetrain
    I once had a 1991 Thunderbird 5.0 Sport. Body was rusting to hell and I loved that car. I got the tape measure out on it and a 1997 SHO and the wheelbases and width were very close between the cars. I came pretty close to getting out the plasma torch, gantry, and welder. If you are a good...
  12. Owner of two gen 2 Tauri. No luck with responses from yall

    Taurus and Sable General Discussion
    Been around a while myself. Not a rabid poster, but I keep an eye on the site. 1) I see you have 4 posts. I do not remember seeing one of them. 2) If you are asking for help, it is a good idea to say what you are asking for. Some folks are good at powertrain questions, others electrical, etc...
  13. New here and new 99 3.4 sho owner

    Introduction Forum
    Welcome. Everyone, please say it with me... Are Your Cams Welded Yet?
  14. Fuel pump cutout on a 2006 Taurus?

    Maintenance and Repair
    Two things. One would FILL the tank if not removing it. Gas vapor is what burns aggressively, liquid not so much. Second, that Dremel could hardly make a big enough spark to light a kitchen match. No way you'd cause a fire unless there was a huge leak in the tank. I did this writeup. I cut...
  15. When Do You Throw In The Towel?

    Maintenance and Repair
    Truth. When I jack up a corner of the car all the way and the OTHER 3 tires stay on the ground, I throw in the towel.
  16. Fuel Pump Replacement without lowering the tank.

    Maintenance and Repair
    I have a writeup over on V8SHO.com - Fuel pump cutout Lots of measurement info. Gen 3/ Gen 4 should be the same.
  17. Looking at first gen Taurus SHO, want to know about reliability

    Maintenance and Repair
    We have a long standing joke over at SHOFORUM - SHO - Making mechanics out of normal people since 1989 No. I would not get for anything other than a toy.
  18. New Struts for a 97 SHO?

    Suspension, Handling and Brakes
    They have been un-obtainium for many years. Every now and then some will show up on Ebay but never a full set. Gonna have to settle for regular struts, and there are a million opinions on those. While you are in there you might want to change the springs to help with saggy-a$$ syndrome...
  19. Going for the FASTEST GEN4 Taurus.

    Maintenance and Repair
    All manner of stuff. Tan leather 96 interior. A good running welded V8. A rebuildable Ax4n SHO trans. Both are still in car. I few body parts but the rust bug has had its way. Front and rear bumper covers. SHO wings. Some radio stuff but I'm afraid it got wet. Gen 1 directional slicers...
  20. Going for the FASTEST GEN4 Taurus.

    Maintenance and Repair
    I gots a 'few' V8SHO parts..... First thing you need is a built tranny. My stock trans lasted 160 miles when I put an Eaton M 90 supercharger on a V8 SHO 3.4 engine. I am actually in the process of moving, bought a new house in a different state. I would part with some of my V8 SHO goodies...
1-20 of 198 Results