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  1. My Boss Is Stupid

    Odds and Ends
    I ended up having to file a grievance against her and they moved me from her section. While every aspect of my grievance was denied (in writing), I no longer have to put up with her micromanaging me and treating me like a two year old. It seems that the agency doesn't like formal complaints in...
  2. College Ring

    Odds and Ends
    I finally got my ring back. My gf is content that it is better than the first ring was, but I still feel that it is not as advertised... so I put pics of my high school ring next to it for comparison:
  3. 1978 F250

    Other Rides
    No, I'm not going to lift it. In the last picture, it does look like it sits low to the ground but I guarantee you that is just the position that the camera is in. I was pretty much on the ground when I took the pic so the truck looks like it is "looming" over you in a stance to get you. ;)
  4. 1978 F250

    Other Rides
    Yeah, at first I was talking about a paint job but I got out there with some rubbing compound and a buffer and put a couple of coats of wax on it and it did wonders. It will need paint down the road, but it is fine for now.
  5. 1978 F250

    Other Rides
    Yeah, but gas would kill you. I do good to get more than 8mpg.
  6. What Have You Done To Your Bull Today?

    Taurus and Sable General Discussion
    Took night pics with my new camera.
  7. Deepwater Horizon

    Odds and Ends
    Per the President, we go get our boats blessed so God will be with us all the time. Wow. In actuality, Blessing of the Boats = Having a good fishing season. Amazing. Just amazing. I'm not going to get into it here because I took it out on my TV during his speech. BTW - not all...
  8. Something every car and truck should have

    Odds and Ends
    an owner... that's what I was thinking..
  9. 1978 F250

    Other Rides
    It's likely that I misspoke or was misinformed when I first got the truck. It has always had a C6. Check out this hotness I snapped with my new camera:
  10. Rudedog

    Southern Chapter Forum
    Glad to hear you're doing better! We miss you around here. Take care of yourself & take it easy.
  11. Deepwater Horizon

    Odds and Ends
    This is so disgusting. I can't believe this is still going on...
  12. Your TCCA?

    Site Feedback and Forum Issues
    Firefox + ABP (Ad Blocker Plugin) FTW I already have many of the ads blocked because I am a member of ford-trucks.com. Just right click on any ad or image you don't want to see after you install ABP. No more ads.
  13. Don't Foresee Much Modding In The Near Future

    Odds and Ends
    I got a letter from SLU today. Guess who made the President's List. I had a 3.5 and no Cs for my final semester and they posted my name on the honors section of the SLU website. The letter also said that my transcript will reflect that I am on the President's List. Who would have thunk it...
  14. What Has He Done?

    Taurus and Sable General Discussion
    Craigslist ad reads: QUOTE Sometimes I look for fixer-uppers, but don't plan on taking on anything that I have no idea where to start. Sometimes it sucks to go behind other people's work.
  15. Ugly Taurus

    Taurus and Sable General Discussion
    WTF is up with those motorcycle mirrors on that car? See the similarities of the mirrors? BTW, this is my beloved Cassandra.
  16. Don't Foresee Much Modding In The Near Future

    Odds and Ends
    Well, I walked on Saturday and tomorrow is my graduation party. Next weekend I will be changing the front crank seal on my 78 F250, then I will give the Blue Bull a proper cleaning. So glad to see that my $400 car got me through school. Guess I need to get back to modding because my gf is...
  17. Deepwater Horizon

    Odds and Ends
    Tomorrow is my graduation party. I was supposed to have crabs and crawfish. But we are having crawfish with no crabs. They're not really running crabs right now because of oil. The crawfish are freshwater, so you can get them from crawfish ponds so the crawfish are not affected. BP is not...
  18. Factory Quality Color Match Spray Paint.

    Maintenance and Repair
    There's a Carquest in Baton Rouge that mixes your color code in a spray can for $20. I haven't used it, but it seems like a decent deal if you need a touch up. I guess you would have to call around because not all Carquest stores do it.
  19. College Ring

    Odds and Ends
    I talked to the lady at the SLU book store and she said one girl is sending hers back because Balfour put a T on the stone (for Tulane). (Hello, we're graduating from Southeastern, not Tulane.) One of my classmates is sending hers back because her white gold is already wearing down to yellow gold.
  20. College Ring

    Odds and Ends
    I am graduating Saturday and my gf gave me a class ring for graduation. The school ordered from Balfour, who promised to have the rings ready for the ring ceremony. The rings were supposed to be delivered to the school. The ring ceremony came and went and I didn't have my ring. Balfour sent it...
1-20 of 194 Results