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  1. Hissing from coolant hose

    Maintenance and Repair
    ^^^^^ Agreed 100%,. Replace the hose assy and your problem will be solved.
  2. Whistling noise when accelerating

    Maintenance and Repair
    To be of any help, we need to know the EXACT codes stored in the PCM, like P1071, P1151, etc.
  3. Windshield Wipers

    Maintenance and Repair
    ^^^^ That would be my guess. No too hard to replace.
  4. Whistling noise when accelerating

    Maintenance and Repair
    CEL on? Have you checked for any codes, especially lean codes? Why did you change out the MAF???? Ford MAFs are a VERY rare failure item. Sounds to me like you have a large vacuum leak. LOTS of vac hoses under the hood that can fall off, leak / split.
  5. Just how common is the Duratec 35/37 water pump issue?

    5th and 6th Gen Maintenance and Repair
    I have a friend who is a senior master tech at a large Ford dealer in upstate New York. He has told me they see on average 1 a week, usually on 100K++ mile engines. He has done quite a number of them, and can do a pump replacement in 4 or so hours. He also told me that the pump failing and...
  6. Egr block off on 03 duratec 24 vlv?

    Maintenance and Repair
    Blocking off the EGR without a PCM reprogram will result in the CEL being on constantly. The question is why block it off????? EGR does not hinder horsepower output or performance in any way, provides a slight increase in fuel economy, and reduces NOx emissions. A win win win situation.
  7. Whining/scratchy Noise At Low Speeds

    5th and 6th Gen Maintenance and Repair
    Wheel bearing? Likely wont hear a failing wheel bearing when the car is run on a lift since there is almost no load on the bearing. Does the noise get worse / louder when cornering?
  8. What is this?

    Maintenance and Repair
    No way any ABS sensor would have any connection with the fuel rail. I bet my original guess that it is a pulse damper is correct.
  9. Poor idle, stalling, system lean 03 Duratec

    Maintenance and Repair
    I doubt JB will hold for long. What about pulling the intake, cutting off the remaining portion of the nipple and tapping the hole for a brass threaded fitting from the hardware store.
  10. Code P1151 Need Help with Diagnosis

    Maintenance and Repair
    ^^^^ Agree 100% The wire slot in the sensor socket allows the socket to spread out when any significant torque is applied. When I recently replaced the B2S1 sensor on my 05 Tec, I cut the remaining wires off (several were chewed by unknown critters), and used a deep well impact socket with my...
  11. 2008 Codes erased when battery disconnected?

    5th and 6th Gen Maintenance and Repair
    Yes, assuming the batt was disconnected for more than a minute or so.
  12. Oil type

    Maintenance and Repair
    If you live in the great frozen north, use 5W30. If you live in the southern states where it rarely gets cold, 10W30 is fine.
  13. Uncertain

    5th and 6th Gen Engine and Drivetrain
    No. The tramsmissions, as well as their control electronics are completely different.
  14. Misfire under load 3000-3500rpm.

    Engine and Drivetrain
    What type / brand plugs, wires, coil pack? Use ONLY the specified Motorcraft plugs or their NGK equivalent. For coil pack, use only the Motorcraft or BWD equivalent. Use only Motorcraft plug wires also.
  15. 2010 A/C issue

    5th and 6th Gen Maintenance and Repair
    Any B, U or C series codes present?
  16. no start

    Maintenance and Repair
    What exactly lead you to spend the time and $$ to replace the fuel pump without doing some simple troubleshooting and running a complete code check first?? TFI and/or PIP are common issues on all EEC IV Fords. Run codes and look especially for any CM IDM codes or intermittent PIP codes. TFI...
  17. Class Action Against Ford Flex

    Taurus and Sable General Discussion
    I always change coolant in all my cars every 3 years regardless of mileage. I have done this for 45 years and have had virtually no cooling system issues, premature failures of cooling system parts, etc. Same with brake fluid. Changed every 3 years. My 34 year old 86 Tbird 5.0 is still on its...
  18. Any new ideas?

    Maintenance and Repair
    Is the new cap on the degas tank the updated Motorcraft cap or some junk from the discount parts store? Use ONLY the updated Motorcraft cap.
  19. O-Ring for EGR to manifold connection

    Maintenance and Repair
    Take the old O ring off and head over to your local NAPA. They usually have a good selection of generic O rings and you can match up to the original one.
1-20 of 196 Results