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  1. Is this my transmission?

    Engine and Drivetrain
    I presume you mean 2000 to 2200 rpms. I could speculate what that means but when diagnosing, the best approach is to start by focusing on as many easy to obtain observations and measurements as possible and ruling out the simplest things. As well as seeing if you get the same behavior in second...
  2. Low heat/intermittent stalling

    Maintenance and Repair
    And the shops he goes to obviously love customers who agree to throw parts at problems and don't ask about the diagnosis. In the last three years, he's had two thermostats, two timing cover gaskets and several "flushes". At this rate, he'll soon have a new Sable but still with low heat.
  3. '03 SEL Tranny Overfill

    Engine and Drivetrain
    This is a semi joke: 1) Fully depress the transmission vent cover cap 2) Slightly pop out the transmission dipstick The system will self adjust transmission fluid level especially when fully warmed up. You can place a drip pan under the engine compartment after parking to avoid having to...
  4. Question

    Maintenance and Repair
    And yet every manufacturer - bar none - says in their owners manual that if the check engine light comes on, get it seen by a qualifed mechanic asap. Of course it might be minor eg the light I got when a cell in my battery failed. But it might not be. It might be ok for you, a professional...
  5. Low heat/intermittent stalling

    Maintenance and Repair
  6. Is this my transmission?

    Engine and Drivetrain
    Just to be clear, I don't mean the "D" in between "D" and "1", I actually mean "tricking" the transmission into holding 2nd gear.
  7. Low heat/intermittent stalling

    Maintenance and Repair
    "Blend door sounds normal" does not sound like a very thorough investigation. Have you taken temperature readings of the heater core hoses and the vent air? This would help localize the issue. Is your coolant at 50:50? An excess coolant concentration carries less heat. How was your heater...
  8. engine cranks but wont start

    Maintenance and Repair
    If you can find the 36R at costco, the price is $76 instead of $100 at Walmart.
  9. Is this my transmission?

    Engine and Drivetrain
    An issue that sounds similar to yours:
  10. Is this my transmission?

    Engine and Drivetrain
    The Gumout with Regane / Techron complete fuel system cleaner would go into your gas tank and you wouldn't have to pull the plugs. The Walmart $20 fuel injector service is more about cleaning the combustion chamber, and is something I did that removed a noise (presumably some carbon) that was...
  11. Is this my transmission?

    Engine and Drivetrain
    How long have you owned the car and when did you notice this issue? I would look at cleaning the throttle body and checking for slack in the throttle cable. Run a bottle of techron concentrate or gumout regane in the fuel to clean the fuel system and injectors. I would even go to Walmart and...
  12. Is this my transmission?

    Engine and Drivetrain
    What you are describing is characteristic of the transmission although the degree of issue may be exaggerated in yours given it's age / rebuilt status. Also note that at around 40mph, the throttle cable will resonate and you will feel a vibration in the pedal. There was a tsb to fix the issue...
  13. Dies over night

    Electronics, Security, Audio and Visual
    Cold doesn't drain a battery. Cold requires more cranking amps to start a car but your battery is new so shouldn't be the source of your problem. It sounds more like your alternator isn't recharging the battery. Take your car to an auto store or Walmart where they can test your battery and...
  14. Weak Heat

    Maintenance and Repair
    Good news that you got air out and get heat quicker. Did you put any cleaner / citric acid into the heater core and let it sit before doing the reverse flush? Another thing that affects the amount of heat is having the right coolant concentration. Water absorbs more heat than coolant so if you...
  15. Liqui Moly Motor Oil Saver - promising results

    Maintenance and Repair
    Another update. My Taurus got a chance to get totally warmed up over several hours with a mixture of highway driving, city stop start, hills, all with passengers. This was more demanding than all usage since adding the Motor Oil Saver. Shortly after getting home, I noticed a small amount of oil...
  16. Liqui Moly Motor Oil Saver - promising results

    Maintenance and Repair
    LIke you, I have lost oil after extended high speed driving but not so much after just in town driving. It is not necessarily because of leaks as many people report the same in non leaking vehicles. I would though expect that as rpms increase, oil temperature will inch up and the oil will get...
  17. Liqui Moly Motor Oil Saver - promising results

    Maintenance and Repair
    After starting this thread, I was wondering why the drips stopped immediately rather than by 500 or so miles as indicated by Liqui Moly and testimonials. I researched and found that Motor Oil Saver is actually quite thick. Thick enough that 12oz added to the average sump will bump up viscosity...
  18. Liqui Moly Motor Oil Saver - promising results

    Maintenance and Repair
    My 04 Duratec has had small oil leaks on and off for the last few years. Oil hitting the ground has typically stopped or slowed when I've used thicker oil and sometimes it's stopped after an oil change. Ideally I would have switched to high mileage oil but I have a small stock of 5w20 that I...
  19. Gen 4 Taurus. Which have rear stabilizer bars and which don’t

    Suspension, Handling and Brakes
    In late 2003, they stopped putting the rear sway bars on. My Feb 2004 manufactured Taurus came with struts without the tab to connect the links.
  20. Possible to install 24F battery instead of 36R in Gen 4?

    Taurus and Sable General Discussion
    The 24F Maxx at Walmart is cheaper, has 3 year full + 2 year prorated warranty (vs 2 year full for 36R), 750CCA vs 650CCA, same reserve capacity of 130 minutes. Has anyone installed it? It has a "ledge" for hold down which is slightly higher than the flare at the base of the 36R.
1-20 of 448 Results