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  1. Gremlins

    Maintenance and Repair
    My guess is bad crank sensor could have been the original issue 6 years ago. What are your plans for it? If you intend to keep it, now would be the perfect time to perform a full 60K maintenance on it (which includes the aforementioned crank sensor). If you want to keep troubleshooting, first...
  2. SHOCal Meet June 2nd!

    West Coast Chapter forum
    I have photos of the meet on SHOCal. Need to be registered to view. California SHO Club • Login
  3. Introducing the SHO Source Turbo Kit

    Engine and Drivetrain
  4. WEST Coast Taurus meet?

    West Coast Chapter forum
    Monterey Meet Thread: California SHO Club • View topic - Monterey Meet August 7th
  5. WEST Coast Taurus meet?

    West Coast Chapter forum
    SHOCal has a big meet every August in Monterey. There'll be a thread over there once we finalize the details for this year's meet.
  6. Gen 3 Taurus With 16 Miles!

    Taurus and Sable General Discussion
    It also has 90-92 non directional Slicers even though it's a '94/95.
  7. Digging the new layout

    Site Feedback and Forum Issues
    Please new alien overlords, don't eat my brains.
  8. Your TCCA?

    Site Feedback and Forum Issues
    Think we could find the server the forums are hosted on and burn down the building? I'm all for it!
  9. Rocker Panels: Optional

    Taurus and Sable General Discussion
    Well that's your problem right there!
  10. Can 2nd Generation Tail Lights First On First Gen

    Aesthetics, Interior, Wheels and Tires
    QUOTE (RPFlloyd @ May 24 2010, 12:16 PM) 2nd option is cheaper. Go with that. Also... :P
  11. 2000 Ford Taurus (silver Frost) | Michalski Detailing

    Detailing and Cleaning
    Car looks awesome with the Centennial wheels and headlights! :wub:
  12. Brands To Avoid

    Suspension, Handling and Brakes
    Here are some to get, Moog, Ingalls, and Timken.
  13. Washing A 18 Year Old Car.

    Detailing and Cleaning
    You need a 2010+ SHO motor to complete the mutant'ness.
  14. Northern Ca

    West Coast Chapter forum
    QUOTE (Qwertz9586 @ Jun 9 2009, 09:47 PM) Woooo ROAD TRIP!
  15. 1996 Gl With Ultra Low Miles

    Taurus and Sable General Discussion
    Looks like a clean car. But my dislike of gen3s outweighs even my strong desire for a beige vulcan powered semi-bottom-of-the-line auto propelled 15" wheeled grandma car.
  16. You Toyota Haters Are Going To Love This.

    Other Rides
    QUOTE (mwt @ Apr 22 2010, 06:29 PM) You're just short that's all. Being a 4x4 you are required to post pictures of it covered in mud. Similar to this.
  17. Done With College - Shouldn't I Be Happier?

    Odds and Ends
    QUOTE (Millermagic @ Apr 13 2010, 05:55 PM) Looks like you should move somewhere that has jobs available. Or become some internet millionaire.
  18. Why Do You Love Your Taurus?

    Taurus and Sable General Discussion
    It beats other Tauruses at the track..
  19. Transmission Cooler Questions

    Engine and Drivetrain
    I'm using the bigger B&M 70266 on my '93 SHO, oddly enough it didn't come with the plastic zip ties, after much searching for a suitable bracket I just went to autozone and got zip ties from them. They've lasted around 30K and 3 years so far, don't remember how much they were but probably...
  20. Adding Keyless Entry Pad To '03 With Remote Keyless Entry

    Electronics, Security, Audio and Visual
    QUOTE (Qwertz9586 @ Apr 7 2010, 09:29 PM) Thanks for the link! That answers a few questions, I still have to see if her car has the connector in the door for the keypad, but now I know how to wire it if it doesn't. That thread should be stickied..
1-20 of 464 Results