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  1. Dead/dying Engine?

    Other Rides
    Well I had took the car to the dealer on the 7th and got it back on the 9th, and here is the verdict..... ... ... ... ... ... It dodged the bullet, the Flywheel was cracked and every time i hit the starter it bent it a little more until it was smacking the engine block. The Warranty covered the...
  2. Digging the new layout

    Site Feedback and Forum Issues
    *comes out of the shadows...* As far as I am concerned, this is load of horsesh1t. I understand change is inevitable, but for crying out loud, if there is nothing wrong with a current set-up. DO NOT CHANGE THE FREAKING THING!!!! Wait until it gets to a point where an upgrade is required then...
  3. Dead/dying Engine?

    Other Rides
    Here is a video from when i started the car saturday morning, the noise does quiet down when the engine warms up, but not by much. Video of the Buick's engine issue if anyone has some suggestions from hearing it would be very helpful
  4. Dead/dying Engine?

    Other Rides
    Took a look at the oil and coolant levels again, and they both were fine, oil is at the level it was when i got it back from the last service. Another thing is that engine temp also has a big affect on the noise, it is easy to hear when the engine is at operating temp. but when cold it is...
  5. Dead/dying Engine?

    Other Rides
    The dealer I bought the car from has done good work not only on my car, but my parents SUV and several of my co-workers cars, this place is a popular dealer with its Warranty Forever on the engine and transmission. I looked at the service records of the car before i bought it (it was originally...
  6. Dead/dying Engine?

    Other Rides
    2002 Buick LeSabre, 3800 series II motor with 88250 miles on the clock... Engine is ticking, changes speed with engine speed. it holds an idle, sometimes it idles rough, oil pressure and level is good, and recently changed, 87238. The engine had been doing this for awhile, but it at first...
  7. Done With College - Shouldn't I Be Happier?

    Odds and Ends
    I understand how you're feeling Mike, I'm starting to get to see a light at the end of the tunnel (finishing my 5th year, looking at spring 2012 graduation, so 2 more years...) in the program I'm in, Music Ed, but the biggest problem I'm going to face is that most of the schools in my state are...
  8. Replacing The Ol' 95 Dakota

    Other Rides
    QUOTE (austex04 @ Jan 16 2010, 10:54 PM) It needs its oil changed, and someone when they test drove it kicked one of the interior vents in the back and broke it. They offered to do it that day, or take it and they'll fix it next week. However, with the truck literally on its last leg, my dad...
  9. Security System Issues

    Electronics, Security, Audio and Visual
    Check the grounds for the systems affected, you would be surprised what one little ground will do to an automobile.
  10. Replacing The Ol' 95 Dakota

    Other Rides
    How is buying used supporting ANY of the companies? As far as I know, NO money from a used car sale goes back to the manufacturer of said car. As well as Chrysler and GM went into bankruptcy in 2009, the vehicles we are looking at, from Chrysler and GM are at NEWEST made in 2007, the only...
  11. Replacing The Ol' 95 Dakota

    Other Rides
    QUOTE (crackhead @ Jan 11 2010, 01:03 PM) I have tried to, but my dad said that it might be different style of engine, but he does not care, he doesn't want to get a 4 cylinder, and he wants to stay with the Big 3. He would look at a foreign vehicle if an American one cannot be had that is...
  12. Replacing The Ol' 95 Dakota

    Other Rides
    QUOTE (Bull Geek @ Jan 10 2010, 09:23 PM) Only the Freestyle is in the price range, but most are not in the mileage range except for one. I actually found an 05 SE with 47K on the clock for just under $13K, if it is still at the dealer come this coming weekend, Dad said he would look at it...
  13. Replacing The Ol' 95 Dakota

    Other Rides
    The explorer V6 2WD barely gets better mileage than my dad's truck, as well as there are no Explorers within our price range that are within the mileage range, the closest one had just over 52K, but it was a V8 4X4 with leather, which we don't want leather, as well as the car needs to get better...
  14. Replacing The Ol' 95 Dakota

    Other Rides
    Well, dad's 95 Dakota is getting ready to give her ghost around 161K on the clock, with an untraceable coolant leak as well as it's burning about a quart of oil every 1-1.5 weeks. We're looking for a compact/mid-size SUV to replace the truck, and it will eventually become my mom's when we...
  15. Ford Fusion Police Car Concept

    Other Rides
    DeLorean is still around, a bunch of fanatics bought the rights to the name several years ago, and they are building brand new cars, improved from the designs of the original cars in the 1980s, and iirc, they bought the rights to GM's Theta platform for a new car in development for release in...
  16. '09 Focus Traction Problem

    Trash Bin
    Definitly sounds like a tire issue, take a look into a good all-season tire or even better a good snow/ice tire (i.e. Blizzaks). Take a look at Tire Rack and see what are the best tires available for your car.
  17. Tow/haul Mode

    Other Rides
    My workplace (local RTA) have 3 2002 GMC Savanna 2500s for supervisor/switch out vans, all around the 95-110K mile range, one of them is dead from trans issues among other things. The other 2 have severe electrical issues (ie: Brake lights dont work unless headlights are turned on, turn signals...
  18. What Kind Of Phone Do You Have?

    Odds and Ends
    This past weekend, after having issues with my enV2 (couple keys died, replaced through warranty, then the replacement refused to charge 2 weeks later) I was going to get a Samsung Alias2 but Verizon gave me an enV3 for free and so far it is great.
  19. 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air Vs. 2009 Chevrolet Malibu

    Odds and Ends
    That's isnt a Bel-Air, I think its an Impala. Very interesting to see where we were safety wise 50 years ago and now.
  20. Guys, I Could Use Some Wisdom...

    Odds and Ends
    QUOTE (LOUDSHO92 @ Sep 12 2009, 11:48 AM) She was going out for a couple months to get some things together and a job was included in that, I knew she was going to be getting a temp job and i supported it 110%. I figure if she doesn't call me by the end of next week, then i'll have my...
1-20 of 451 Results