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  1. Power drain

    Maintenance and Repair
    Ok I have an update, I got the window to go up, and all of them work now, all I did was pull the fuse box and GEM module out, and tighten the connection for the circuit breaker for the windows. But now the parasitic drain is a little worse, this time I think something in the GEM module has the...
  2. Power drain

    Maintenance and Repair
    Got a 2001 Taurus SE with 220,000 miles on it, 3.0 push rod engine. I have not used it much the past 2 years so it mostly just sits, I started it in January and it started and ran fine. Went to start it again in April and the battery is completely dead. So I later find that I have a power drain...
  3. Hi everyone

    Introduction Forum
    Back here after a few years, getting the old Taurus running again. It has been sitting for a couple of years now. Its a 2001 Taurus SE
1-3 of 3 Results