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  1. Massive coolant leak

    Maintenance and Repair
    If the coolant doesn't get changed every 24 months or so, it loses its anti corrosion element. It will go thru aluminum parts like the timing cover. Especially if tap water from the S/W has been added to the reservoir. If you heard engine knocking and saw white smoke, you can reasonably...
  2. Correct used trans for 2002 Taurus 3.0L OHV

    Engine and Drivetrain
    You didn't mention if you were going to do the R&R yourself altho did hint to hiring the replacement done. Have you considered having the old unit rebuilt?
  3. Geneeration 4 rear brake question

    Maintenance and Repair
    Ordered a set of Raybestos front disk pads for the front of my '02 SES. Delayed opening the box and going for the install for 3 months. Not the right ones, were for the rears on a wagon. Rock Auto responded for me to install them on the rear. Won't exchange or take them back because of the...
  4. Geneeration 4 rear brake question

    Maintenance and Repair
    Did Ford build and/or deliver any 2000 - 2007 SE/SES/SEL sedans equipped with disk brakes? Have a dispute going with Rock Auto, with them telling me that Ford made rear disks optional on some sedans while I think they were only on the wagon models.
  5. Sputtering at start then seems to run fine (engine light staying on)

    Maintenance and Repair
    If you search around will find many posts detailing the exact problem you describe. It seems to be chronic with our Gen 4 vehicles. Is easy to spend a lot of $$ chasing imagined faults. You should determine the problem before doing the "shotgun" approach, likely you will miss the problem and...
  6. I can feel the clunks in the floor board

    Suspension, Handling and Brakes
    My '02 w/Vulcan has been making that noise for several years. Is more of a clicking than a clunking. The kind of follow up service that Ford has provided for owners is a pity, absolutely no help from them on steering pump issues or clicks or clunks like this.
  7. 1992 Taurus 3.8 cooling issue

    Maintenance and Repair
    Think head gasket.
  8. Overcharged AC

    5th and 6th Gen Maintenance and Repair
    Calling R-134A "Freon", is like calling a Ford a Chevrolet. R-12 is Freon.
  9. Dumb question of the day: do A/C systems need routine servicing?

    Maintenance and Repair
    Don't ask for Freon. Freon is/was actually the trade name for Dupont number R-12 which is outlawed by the federal government. (you couldn't get it legally anyway)
  10. Opinion...Spoiler or no?

    5th-6th Gen Aesthetics, Interior, Wheels, Tires
    OFF If it served a useful purpose that would be another matter. A FWD vehicle never needs a spoiler.
  11. Thinking about a unique spoiler

    5th-6th Gen Aesthetics, Interior, Wheels, Tires
    Personally I would leave it OFF.
  12. 05 Transmission issue

    Maintenance and Repair
    I like my '02 SES as well as anyone. Would hate to lose it but perusing thru the car ad's on Craig's List, mine is worth a couple of grand, TOPS. Are over 100 gen 4's listed in my area at near give away prices. Can't think of any reason I would go thru the hassle to do a transmission fix on...
  13. what tires should i get?

    Aesthetics, Interior, Wheels and Tires
    If you have a Discount Tire store there, check out their store brand, Arizonian. Made in USA by Cooper, always have served me well. Discount Tire provides excellent service after the sale as well.
  14. I like the easy fixes

    Maintenance and Repair
    Christo, "Freon" is the registered trade mark for R-12, which is illegal to sell or to buy. If you need to use it, good luck to find it. What is used today in autos is refrigerant, mostly R-134A
  15. Lucas Transmission Fix?

    Engine and Drivetrain
    I used Lucas power steering additive, waste of $$. They guarantee their products work. I sent mine back.
  16. anyone done any exhaust upgrades?

    Engine and Drivetrain
    A lot of us don't consider making a vehicle louder - an "upgrade". It probably will draw more attention from law enforcement.
  17. Turbo in a 98 sable?

    Maintenance and Repair
    Spending the $$ required on a $1000 car? The transmission would soon fail, then what are you going to do?
  18. 2004 Taurus FFV Running and Low Power

    Maintenance and Repair
    Plus what Sheila stated, check for exhaust restriction.
  19. 2003 Taurus SES stuttering at idle and accel...

    Maintenance and Repair
    Tried to put in info about what I did with my '02 Vulcan in a similar situation but someone here is editing out comments. I've had skipping and missing for years. For some reason was always worst after cold start up and backing out of the garage. Replaced ALL the usual things like plugs...
  20. Power steering pressure swtich location on 06 Taurus Se

    Maintenance and Repair
    Everyone familiar with the term "jolting" ? I've never heard it referred to in a car except when hitting a chuck hole or at home when connecting to a hot wire.
1-20 of 492 Results