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  1. free,

    For Sale
    radio faceplate with radio / cassette player very good cond. radio good, cassette sometimes stops gen 2 or 3 email me / [email protected] , you pay postage
  2. What song are you listening to right now?

    song last of the summer, had to blast James Brown, HOT PANTS!!!!
  3. A little thought on prevention of camshaft synchronizer failure

    Maintenance and Repair
    you would be correct, IF the failures were at about 100K, i suspect that most of the failures were well before 100K i know mine was (55K)
  4. Ford resuming production of the Gen 4!

    Taurus and Sable General Discussion
  5. What song are you listening to right now?

    rock the house just finished listing to Wayne Davis ,joel22:8 , gave the velodyne sub a work out!! just finished reconning my old Bozaks, (i really love them) and running the The Goldberg Variations to check out the crossovers. i am moving into a smaller place and i may have to give them up...
  6. Where to Find Leather Seats in Good Condition?

    Aesthetics, Interior, Wheels and Tires
    someone here has used the seats from a continental, that is what i am looking to do. i have seen some continental seats on ebay i imagine getting the same year would simplify installation
  7. Intro with 2006

    Introduction Forum
    2006 sel helllo and welcome!! my seat is crushed too, some one here has installed lincoln seats, i am considering that (get the lincoln seats refurburshed first) mine is grey inside.
  8. Poll of the Week! Wheels...

    Taurus and Sable General Discussion
    wheels my titanium 06 has sho slicers
  9. What song are you listening to right now?

    song on the box Just finished listing to Coltranes Naima; damn, still a rush!!!
  10. Advantage of full range tweeter?

    Electronics, Security, Audio and Visual
    i am also doing the audio in my 06 what door speakers (front) and sail tweeters do you think? right now i have mb quart onyx 169 rear deck speakers and 1450 amp driving a infinity1062 sub woofer using kenwod kdc hd545 head end
  11. real cheap

    For Sale
    couple of service manuals radio/ tape fascia, ebc green stuff pads, mustang brake mod for taurus 16 in alloys from 2006
  12. Parting out 2002 Taurus SE 3.0 Vulcan

    For Sale
    how much for the ac /heat vent thingys?
  13. gen 3 springs

    Taurus and Sable General Discussion
    found on ebay for $39 new oem Motorcraft YF1Z-5560-BE Coil Spring
  14. PA-FS 1996 SHO-Silver-Ready to Go

    Cars For Sale
  15. Need advice on cam position snychronizer

    Maintenance and Repair
    google the ford part number, i got mine from silverstone (i think) ford for about $60 i seem to rember they were in texas
  16. US/World Issues Discussion (View at your own discretion)

    Odds and Ends
    i would beg to differ with you, the problem that this president is facing has no precedent, the resistance by the "opposition" party and within his party to a large extent and maybe mostly revolves around the 800 pound elephant in the room . Obama has bent over backwards to appease those folks...
  17. 2005 taurus the rust bucket

    Taurus and Sable Project Log
    do you think your 05 had a bad galvanizing, or have you seen this as endemoc of 05 and 06, or is the salt in your area really really intense?
  18. US/World Issues Discussion (View at your own discretion)

    Odds and Ends
    good republican advice there are two groups that Eisenhower said we should fear, the military and the industrial complex which translates today into our government controlled by industry. The capitalist industry is using our government military to rob the whole world and then recruiting us...
  19. US/World Issues Discussion (View at your own discretion)

    Odds and Ends
    i usually dont have much time to type and my agent orange malfunction acts up, so pardon for the technical errors in punctuation. but the thrust of my point is fairly clear for those who choose to understand. I am a combat vet of viet nam and i see the same old lies being told to the newest...
  20. US/World Issues Discussion (View at your own discretion)

    Odds and Ends
    sorry you are trapped in the neo liberal / imperial loop but all of the facts point to america unilateraly attacking Iraq on totaly fabracated lies, just like in viet nam. you were not serving your country you were serving the interest of corporate america, that is the lie told to make war...
1-20 of 401 Results