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  1. Egr Insufficient Air Flow Trouble Code 0401

    Maintenance and Repair
    common problem for the G3. I found that after eplacing all the parts listed above that hte probelm was clogged throttle body ports, just remove hte TB and you will se the ports behind hte gasket, easy cleanup with some carb cleaner DAve
  2. Transmission

    Maintenance and Repair
    QUOTE (eddy bryant @ Dec 10 2003, 02:31 AM) I love the "if" you use to begin your post. I have a 96 Duratec with AX4N with 266K on it an am on my 4th tranny!! THere are sevreal TSBs out there that a reputabel shop show know and takek care of in a rebuild Dave
  3. Windshield Washer Fluid Is Leaking

    Maintenance and Repair
    Just replaced cracked line from strut tower to nozzles for $25, replacea nozzle for $20- tooke me all of 10 minutes- no tools requried. Repalce reservoir of system several years ago and took about 30 minutes, think the part was about $70. You should be able to do it all yourself
  4. Significant Milestone?

    Taurus and Sable General Discussion
    Just turned 250,000 miles on my 96 Duratec over the weekend Loved every minute of owning car Significant work - replaced tranny twice- they finally got it right - just recently chaged alternator - water pump - DPFE 3 times - valve cover and pan gaskets - shocks/ struts No more leaks in...
  5. Recommended Fuel Pump

    Maintenance and Repair
    My 96 Duratec with 245K on it needs hte fuel pump replaced. Advance Auto has three available all with one year warranty 1. Bosch $215 2. Airtex (spelling) $150 3. Denso ($230) Any recommendations on which one is best- this is a once ina lifetime job to drop the tank!! Thanks Dave
  6. Unknow Cable Harness (connection)

    Maintenance and Repair
    Day time running lights??
  7. Duratec Alternator Removal

    Maintenance and Repair
    I just had hte stealership replace the alternator on my 96 as i did not have time to do it and had to have car---$675
  8. Dpfe Sensor

    Maintenance and Repair
    Welcome to the club A rather wide open question. I have replaced the DPFE on my 96 for EGR Valeve insufficient flow (1407?) But if that is the code you ar egetting you should also check the ports behind the throttle body, they are notorious for plugging on this engine
  9. Valve Cover Gasket Replacement

    Maintenance and Repair
    I spent a good part of the weekend replacing the valve cover gaskets on my 96 Duratec with 250K miles on it. Got everything back together and fired it off. The car is running really rough and shaking much more than it was before the work. It finally popped a code for bank 2 running lean...
  10. Check Engine Light? Egr?

    Maintenance and Repair
    I have also found that the throttlebody ports get clogged, take off the TB and degunk them
  11. Egr Code, Possibly Vacuum Sensor?

    Maintenance and Repair
    Since you ahve replace EGR and DPFE try removing the throttle body and cleaning out the ports behind the gasket. They plug up routinely on my 96
  12. Electrically Dead

    Maintenance and Repair
    Did all that Followed the wiring harness fromone point to another and didnot find anything that appeared worn Ended up pulling starter switch and testing for connectivity. The test results were intermittent as I switched from one poition to another nad back so I spent $18 to replace switch...
  13. Electrically Dead

    Maintenance and Repair
    I haven't posted in while which means the car (96 Duratec with 240K) has been running fine, until recently The last two damp mornings whe it has rained overnight I have gone out to start the car and it has gone totally dead once the key is turned over. It is not without power when I open the...
  14. 92 Sable For Part Out

    Trash Bin
    Have a friend with a 92 Sable 3.8L with 194K mile son it, has blown head gasket nad he isready to retire it. ANyone interested in buying it or possible paarts of it in Norfolk VA area contact me
  15. Replacing Ball Joints

    Suspension, Handling and Brakes
    You can poud hte old one out with a maul. To get the new one in ut it in teh freezer for a while which will helpit shrink a little. I have heard of guys using teh weight f hte car to press it back in but never tried it myself
  16. Dpfe?

    Maintenance and Repair
    very familiar with th elocation, it is a PITA to repalce, having done it twice. Locate you tranny dipstik and to the left of it on the block you will see hte DPFE. Easiest way (and it still aint easy) is to remove the throttle body. ALso gives you a chance to clean TB ports which willalso...
  17. Egr Valve

    Maintenance and Repair
    I just did the swap out yesterday on a Duratec. The easiest way fo rme was to remove the throttle body to give me easy access. By doing so you can also check the throttle body ports to make sure they aren't plugged, this will throw the code for EGR insufficient flow also. It seems I replace...
  18. Code Diagnostics

    Maintenance and Repair
    Popped code P0420= cat below efficiency bank 1 From my AutoTap: O2 sensor readings read rpm, bank 1 sensor1, bank 1 sensor2, bank 2 senor 1, bank sensor 2 all mVolts 686 rpm, 50,0,45,60 784 rpm,740,0,445,715 1600rpm, 70,0,60,40 2158 rpm, 895,645,885,790 2126 rpm 335,15,105,95 was thinking it...
  19. Water Pump

    Maintenance and Repair
    The Wiki section has good procedure for repalcing water pump, it is a do it yourself with somne basic tools
  20. Spark Plug Change For A Duratech

    Maintenance and Repair
    Removing the cowling did the trick for me, did not have ot remove the intake
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