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  1. badly pulsating brake pedal!!please help

    Suspension, Handling and Brakes
    It could also just be some pad buildup on the rotors; do some hard 80-20 braking until you can smell the pads, then drive around on the highway using them as little as possible to cool. BTW, ceramic pads really aren't that good. They are quiet and low dusting, but their stopping power is crap...
  2. sho speedo

    Wanted to Buy
    You still have SHO parts lying around the house Paul? Geez man... BTW, email me pics of the new FMIC setup. I want to see how that piping work turned out.
  3. Peace Homies

    Other Rides
    [email protected] It looks like the allowable file attachment size has been reduced, so I can't attach my write-up. Just email me.
  4. 97 SHO tick

    Maintenance and Repair
    Not necessarily.
  5. Peace Homies

    Other Rides
    I'm afraid that went with the SHO when I traded it in. Sorry. There should be a how-to on here somewhere from me though.
  6. 97 SHO tick

    Maintenance and Repair
    The chain tensioners will rattle at cold starts but will go away when the engine heats up. The alternator is on the lower passenger side by the firewall, and is known to have bearing failures because of exhaust heat, but those typically sound like a squeal and not a tick. It could be a cam...
  7. Peace Homies

    Other Rides
    Man, it's been a while since I've been on here.... I'm now at "Stage 2+", whatever the crap that means. Full turbo-back exhaust, intake/inlet pipe, custom tune, KW coilovers, nearly solid motor mounts, etc. My cam driven high pressure fuel pump is now maxed out at full boost of 19psi, and I...
  8. 20s + roof rack = fail??

    Aesthetics, Interior, Wheels and Tires
    Short answer: yes. Long answer: absolutely yes.
  9. Suggestion for the "New" TCCA!

    Site Feedback and Forum Issues
    What exactly makes this forum 'official'?
  10. Can Someone Tell Me How To Block The Flywheel To Remove Crankshaft Pulley

    Maintenance and Repair
    I just use the starter-bump method. disconnect the fuel cutoff in the trunk, and use a breaker bar and have someone turn the key to bump the starter. The nut breaks right loose.
  11. Digging the new layout

    Site Feedback and Forum Issues
    I'm Daniel, and I approve of this post.
  12. i have located our new car

    Other Rides
    Should you change your screen name to 'Racer XXX'?:wub:
  13. Digging the new layout

    Site Feedback and Forum Issues
    Larry, will you get to modifying that stock 6 already? ;) I'm sure Eric will help - just tell him most the parts say FoMoCo anyways.
  14. Digging the new layout

    Site Feedback and Forum Issues
    Not really. I have been on here for 6½ years, and have donated to the site before (note Gold membership), and I don't feel any ownership of this site at all. I have already gotten back way more than I put in, and I feel blessed. You may or may not have met Jason personally; I have. It's...
  15. Blower No Longer Works - How To Troubleshoot?

    Maintenance and Repair
    I don't know if this is the same for the Gen 4's, but on my Gen 3 there was a relay in the engine bay fuse panel for the blower motor, and the contacts for it had corroded and it burnt itself out.
  16. Your TCCA?

    Site Feedback and Forum Issues
    You just like the member number because yours is 56. Showoff. - Daniel, member number 1808.
  17. Rudedog

    Southern Chapter Forum
    I didn't even know you were still on here JR. Good to read from you again.
  18. Digging the new layout

    Site Feedback and Forum Issues
    This ...and this. I could care less about the forum layout, ads, etc. I'm here for the community. And to laugh at mwt's comments. Neither has changed. I do want my post ***** badge back though. I had to ***** me a lot of posts for that thing. EDIT: What The.. The word w.h.o.r.e. is...
  19. Peace Homies

    Other Rides
    No, I can't say I've ever left a car stock. I haven't done much to the GTP really. It has colder plugs, a colder T-stat, upgraded LIM gaskets, a voltage booster, K&N drop-in filter, projector headlights, 5000K HID's, a relay harness, Pioneer components up front, five-spoke 'torque star' rims...
  20. Peace Homies

    Other Rides
    The Mazda 'Flying M' badges in the front and back will be painted to match next.
1-20 of 476 Results