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  1. 2012 Taurus SE fuel economy ideas

    5th and 6th Gen Engine and Drivetrain
    Hmm. It’s no wonder this forum doesn’t have the same activity it did many years ago. Bigger cars with bigger engines and more options to accessorize them...yet three days can go by and nobody makes a post or a reply... With such a helpful reply form a “technical advisor” it’s no wonder...
  2. 2012 Taurus SE fuel economy ideas

    5th and 6th Gen Engine and Drivetrain
    Wow, I may also drive a little faster than I should. But with the majority of my driving being highway with the cruise control I’m getting between 700 and 800 km per tank. I haven’t added the k&n kit or a tune yet; I’m trying to determine if it is economically feasible. If it won’t improve...
  3. 2012 Taurus SE fuel economy ideas

    5th and 6th Gen Engine and Drivetrain
    Not sure why the apostrophes are weird ASCII type characters..
  4. 2012 Taurus SE fuel economy ideas

    5th and 6th Gen Engine and Drivetrain
    Hello, I am driving about 175km (108 miles) per day round trip to work. I’ve have been trying to research ways to improve my fuel economy. I’m looking for two thing: How has your fuel economy changed with the installation of the K&N intake kit? How has your fuel economy changed with a...
  5. Front lower control arms

    5th and 6th Gen Maintenance and Repair
    Hello, While changing the brakes I noticed the rear bushings on lower control arms need replacing. However, with the bushing being $80 and the amount of work I thought I might as well change the control arm as well. What are you guys using with regards to replacement control arms? The local...
  6. Brake Caliper Guide pins

    5th and 6th Gen Suspension, Handling and Brakes
    Hello, Been a little while since my last post, but as my car gets up in there in age and mileage I’ve been here reading more often. Question, I did try a search and I did a lot of digging using google and reading different things from different manufacturers and did not find the answer. When...
  7. Alternator swap

    5th-6th Gen Electronics, Security, Audio, Visual
    I've finally decided to put a system in the car. Previously I've had alternators built by local shops. However these were never really that great when it came to city driving due to the higher rpm requirements. I see there is a 200A alternator available for certain models with the 3.5. Has...
  8. 2012 Taurus SE with Flowmaster

    5th and 6th Gen Engine and Drivetrain
    Since I spent quite a bit of time trying to research this before going through with it, here is a brief write up. Back in December I wanted a little bit more volume from the exhaust and had the shop remove the resonators while they repaired the exhaust flange bolt that had broken. A...
  9. Wanted: Trunk Latch for 2012 taurus

    Wanted to Buy
    Trunk latch on the trunk lid of my car is broke. Really hoping to find one used as the dealer charges $155CDN for it. Anybody have a wreck they are parting?
  10. Ontario TCCA Meet

    ROTB (Running of the Bulls)
    I'm from Chatham-Kent. I'd be interested
  11. Desperately need help identifying car

    Other Rides
    So, long story short. Somebody was tracking my movements with a Garmin GTU-10 (gps tracking device) They emailed this photo to a friend of my car from an anonymous account. In order to try and identify the person following this is my only recourse. Please assist if possible.
  12. 2012 Taurus trunk latch

    5th and 6th Gen Maintenance and Repair
    Long time member here, back in the driver's seat of a Taurus after many years. I have come across one problem so far. The trunk latch broke. It appears a small plastic mechanism inside the latch has broken meaning it will require replacement. No big deal. Just an annoyance that the trunk...
  13. Detroit area exhaust shops

    Other Rides
    Thanks James. Nice to see you are still poking in here from time to time. How have you been? I'll give Keith's a call tomorrow from work. (better long distance plan lol)
  14. Detroit area exhaust shops

    Other Rides
    Hey, I'm looking for a little feedback. Has anybody here had the exhaust replaced on a 99 escort SOHC sedan in the Detroit area? I need to have the exhaust replaced from the cat back and the price in Canada is a little prohibitive. Would anybody be willing to phone a couple places for me?
  15. Random zap after failed radio installation

    Electronics, Security, Audio and Visual
    Make sure the negative terminal on the battery is tight. I used to hear a zap when my terminal was defective, this would make it appear the battery was dead, but the voltage would slowly come back up.