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  • Kemble ·
    Hi. Someone's post says you're the expert.

    A couple of weeks ago the interior plastic guide-rail for my moon/sun roof cover cracked and part of a corner of the plastic fell out ...I left the rest in and the sunroof works fine & I could still close the cover ...albeit I have to reach back a little into the opening to grab hold of the edge.

    I thought it was all fine but today we've had the first HEAVY rain since it broke. I drove an hour on the freeway. When I got home and pulled the cover shut (the roof was not opened) there was water starting to soak into the cover on the front edge of the driver's side.

    The glass roof "LOOKS" fully sealed.

    I read in one of the threads that there are drain channels ...is it possible that the remaining pieces of the plastic guide (which I left in the pocket where the sunroof recedes) are blocking one of these drains?

    Is it a simple fix if the actual sunroof is not damaged or would you recommend I go to my bodyshop?


    tbarrii ·
    hi. I was told you are the expert on the moonroofs. mine doesn't seem to be sealing right. can you help me out?
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