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  • Hawkester ·
    Sorry for the seriously delayed reply..I don't get on here often..As much as I would seriously love an SHO, she's just Limited
    Pulling the badging from was easy, using a hair dryer I warmed up the badges and used a stiff plastic trim tool to start prying. Once I could get my fingers behind the badges I just kept pulling and heating
    I tried Goo Gone and WD-40 to try and remove the double sided tape from the paint but found that hand sanitizer worked like magic, just apply and let it sit a few minutes and you can really just use a soft cloth to remove it. Then wax the trunk lid.
    I reused the L, T, & D from the LIMITED I removed to pay a little homage to the car the Taurus replaced.
    The camera came on the car, all I did was add a vinyl overlay over the Ford logo. A friend of mine owns a car shop where he does graphics and I asked him to make these (have them on my truck as well) his name is Lewis (312) 608-2262. It's been on the car almost two years and no fade and no peeling.
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