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  • bpd1151 ·
    I appreciate the kind words and I am glad that you found your way to this site.

    Most of, if not all of us, have found our welcome here has been overwhelming. We also are learning to appreciate the extra wealth of information found here, including the multitude of after market, "supporting" vendors.

    It's also cool knowing that a good majority of the members here also like, and appreciate the various trim levels of the Taurus product line, as well as other makes/models/and years of cars.

    It's an adjustment, but I'm sure you'll come to enjoy your experiences here just as much!
    TaurusDailyDriver ·
    The Taurus had two engine options.. The Vulcan 3.0L V6 and the Duratec 24V DOHC V6. I have the Vulcan engine in my Taurus, which I do love as it has just the right amount of pep to it, it is easy to maintain, and is reliable.
    bpd1151 ·
    Not disgruntled at all. Just tired. Tired of constantly having to defend my car, as well as defend other Gen4 owners from the previous Gen owners. Just didn't seem to be as friendly of an atmosphere as I initially perceived.

    The name calling, and regular use of swear words, and behind the scenes manuevering just grew old, do you know what I'm saying or no?
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