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  • fergawesome ·
    Hey! Just seeing this three months late. So sorry! I have to run premium 93 octane fuel in order to neutralize most of the pinging. Tuneups and top-end overhauls didn't even do the trick. Just about every causal component has been eliminating from the list, and I've hit a dead end. My only option is to run ungodly-expensive fuel, especially during the summer months.
    Automender12345 ·
    How is your pinging issue. My 2001 is still going. 188k and ready for the JY because of rust. I reduced some of my pinging by putting a screw clamp around the vacuum fitting in the back center of the intake manifold. It is a larger boot that swelled and loosened and I think was letting in air as the vacuum decreased under load and increased pinging. It didn't eliminate the issue but helped. It actually popped of on time and my wife couldn't start the car. Not sure if a cat crawled up there and knocked it loose.
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