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  1. Northeast Chapter Members: Post Your Information Here!

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    Dan - Massachusetts 2006 Taurus SE - 127,000 miles 2006 Taurus SEL - 265,000 miles
  2. An unusual issue, can't find a solid answer.

    5th and 6th Gen Maintenance and Repair
    In the past, on other vehicles of mine, I've had issues with vacuum leaks that caused issues with idle or running speed. Not sure if that pertains to your issue but worth considering.
  3. Newbie from Washington

    Introduction Forum
    Welcome to the group. How many miles on your Sable?
  4. New to the Taurus

    Introduction Forum
    Welcome to the group. What part of changing them out is giving you the most trouble?
  5. Owner of two gen 2 Tauri. No luck with responses from yall

    Taurus and Sable General Discussion
    I think others would be more inclined to respond to specific topics as opposed to just "hollerin'" in general. What sort of help or information are you looking for?
  6. Upgrade 2006 Taurus SE to SEL?

    Aesthetics, Interior, Wheels and Tires
    Thanks for the input. I had a feeling there was more to the compass than I thought, although I could switch instrument panels if that makes the difference provided that doesn't impact the odometer. I had forgotten about the heated mirrors, that would be nice to have. I'll swap the rv mirror...
  7. Upgrade 2006 Taurus SE to SEL?

    Aesthetics, Interior, Wheels and Tires
    I've have a 2006 Taurus SEL that I had to retire recently due to engine failure caused by my stupidity (that's another story). To ease the pain of separation (and to avoid getting rid of hundreds of dollars worth of spare parts and tow hitch) I purchased another '06 Taurus at a decent price but...
  8. For anyone looking to convert all the lightbulbs to LED....

    Aesthetics, Interior, Wheels and Tires
    I don't think this has been mentioned earlier in the thread, when replacing filament lamps with LED's you may want to pay attention to the color temperature of the replacement LED, especially for interior lighting. Non color specific LED's range from warm white (yellow white), which is closer...
  9. 2006 Taurus SES owner

    Introduction Forum
    Greetings everyone. It's great to see the wealth of information here from other owners. I'll be happy to share my experiences as they happen in case they are of any help to anyone.