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The squealing on my '03 was the A/C pulley. Bet that is your problem also. Might have something to do with it being closest to the weather
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I too had the squeaky sound. The soap worked for one day and it was back. I removed and replaced the tensioner pulley and it still squeaked then I changed the belt and the squeak is gone and has not come back in a month. To remove the belt I put a 15mm open end wrench on the pulley bolt then attach another big wrench to the top of that one and flex it down. I saved some money not buying the tool from Autozone but made up for it in soap.
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Belt Squeal? Accessory bearing squeal? Not sure.

I posted this in another thread called "SERPENTINE BELT NOISE" but found this thread also, very good, so I will add quote here too.

I have also seen now the DAYCO video (second video) on page 3 of this thread, I think, and that is very good information also.

Still seems more like a SQUEAL to me (and not a chirp) - and not sure now if a belt squeal or an accessory bearing squeal.

Any thoughts?

This issue (squeal or chirp from belt area) seems to be an issue / problem for many.

Long story below:

My 2000 Taurus SE, 3.0 L Vulcan, has a loud annoying SQUEAL coming from the belt area or accessory area. High mileage car now, 265,000 km.

I watched the video in post #2 and it is best classified as

a SQUEAL (not a chirp).

Squeal goes from idle right up to higher running rpm usually, SQUEAL pitch stays the same, but increases in loudness as RPM goes up say to 1000 RPM or 2000 RPM.

Squeal is there now constantly, as you drive the car, and fairly loud.

Sometimes squeal disappears at idle, like 600 RPM, but as soon as you rev up a little, like to 800 RPM, it starts up again.

squeal - squeal - squeal - squeal - squeal - squeal - squeal - squeal

It is a fast, loud on-off-on-off sort SQUEAL - and the on/off squeal speed increases along with the engine RPM.

Just by the sound of it, it is hard to believe that sort of sound comes from the rubber belt itself squealing on any pulley.

It sounds more like one of the accessories - maybe a bearing squealing on one of the accessories.

Not the IDLER or TENSIONER pulley - I did those. Procedure:

I backed off the tensioner with a 15mm offset, box end wrench, on the tensioner bolt, and released belt tension, by pulling the wrench towards the front of the car, back off the tensioner, and slipped off the belt.

Tension force on the tensioner is pretty darn good (!) It took a good pull / amount of force on the wrench to back it off. So I do not think the tensioner is at fault. Keeps good solid tension on belt, and not stuck or weak. So I rule out tensioner problem or lack of belt tension as problem.

Then, with belt off, I removed both the idler pulley and the tensioner pulley, with the same offset 15mm wrench. Cleaned up, took out bearing seals, washed out bearings & old grease with solvent & brush till clean and running smooth by hand, blew out solvent with some air (bike pump), let sit in sun and dry, and pushed in new good grease, and re-put in seals and re-assembled but that was not the source of the squeal. [ So Squeal not from idler or tensioner pulley bearings - no way - those run good]

[ The tensioner pulley is a little smaller, and I could only get the seal out of one side easily, since the other side, the seal is recessed into the body of the pulley more on one side, harder to pry it out seal on that one side, so I just left one seal in, and cleaned out and re-packed from one side only. Brush in / pour in solvent over a can, then rotate bearing by hand, brush a little, and let dirty solvent and grease come out. REPEAT many times until old grease and any dirt all come all out and bearing runs smooth. The Idler pulley is a little larger, and I was able to get both seals out carefully, making for easier cleaning and re-greasing. In any case, it was good at this point to clean those both out and re-grease them, since the car is higher milage. I put a good BLACK MOLY extreme pressure/extreme service grease I had into them. Old Grease inside was getting sparse and old and dried out, and not so good (no wonder, at 13 yrs and 265,000km). Good preventative maintenance anyway / time to do that. The metal bearing seals can be pryed out carefully / try not to bend or offend the seals - from the outer edge with a tiny mini flat blade jeweller's micro screwdriver or maybe with the tip of a jack knife blade - and then they pop out. Then they snap in again carefully by hand, or with pushing carefully by hand with a round something like a socket of similar size as the seal. Idler had an NTN Canada make ball bearing in it. Tensioner had another brand ball bearing, I'm not sure - but bearing quality and condition both looked good / ok - they both ran good and smooth after cleanup and re-pack.]

So the SQUEAL is NOT the idler or tensioner wheel bearings, and not a belt tension issue. I highly doubt it.

The belt itself too was replaced, awhile ago, and still looks in quite good condition, so not the belt itself. I doubt that too.

I doubt it is any pulley alignment issue. By the nature of the sound, and the pulleys all look aligned ok.

Listening again after, it sounds like the squeal is coming from furthur back and down, like the maybe the water pump or water pump bearing area - but hard to tell the exact source of the noise.

[ A mechanic would probably use a mechanic's stethascope, and try to locate the EXACT location of the noise, the SQUEAL ]

Water pump housing, near shaft and bearing location, has a hole on the casting on top, near where the bearing would run inside. Is that for pumping in of grease? Say with a grease gun and rubber nozzle attachment ?

Is there any remedy like that, for a water pump bearing gone squeaky?
Like pump in some grease there?

Any other suggestions or ideas for this type of SQUEAL ?

Ideas what this SQUEAL actually is or could be?

[ actually, water pump was replaced at one point in the past, so not sure why the bearing would start to squeal - but anything is possible. ]

Side Note: Power steering has gone kind of funny too, and i don't know if this is related to the squeal - hard to believe. power steering pump is making more noise than normal when called upon to power a turn at slow speed. More effort at the steering wheel too in some cases, under slow speed turns. One direction turn seems harder than the other too, at slow speed turn. Seems like less hydraulic power at lower engine rpms from the power steering pump. Seems like getting a little old and tired. It "GROANS" a little too much under a slow speed turn, and is LAZY - one must force the wheel a little to get slow speed turn action. Not great.

I figure one of the bearings, like the water pump bearing is just starting to squeal - and that is NOT good.

A bearing that squeals like that - is running dry, or contaminated, I think, and will eventually heat up and wear and fail.

Noise like that is a sign of a problem soon.

The car is not driven much right now - I parked and drive much newer another car right now, for my everyday driving, but want to bring this car up to good driving capability again. ( it mostly is ... because I have kept it up)

It all works now again - I've been working on several things myself.

I drive it around abit in town on weekends - to keep it alive and going - and keep it as a second vehicle.

I've parked it, and done some other work myself on it over the past couple months, cause i want to keep it as a second car - as I hit a DEER on the highway, couple months ago, and replaced all the RAD and front RAD support and bumper cover and HOOD myself (bent in somewhat).

Otherwise ... ALL running good, and all operational and driveable - just a few issues like this SQUEAL to fix up.

I have time and no rush. Driving another reliable vehicle.

Any thoughts on this SQUEAL ?
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My 2005 SEL Taurus had a small squeak coming from the belt area. The noise progress over several months. I changed belts --- the noise went away. A few months later the noise was back, progressively. I sprayed belt dressing (wrong move) the noise increased ten fold. The belt was new, so I couldn't understand why the noise increase by spraying on the belt dressing (again, wrong move).

So I changed the Idler Pulley. That didn't work. Then I got my flash light, turned on the motor and watched the belt assembly very closely. I watched belt go around each pulley --- the belt had not wobble, ran smooth over each pulley, aligned perfect. I watched the crank pullley --- smooth. I watched the power steering pulley --- smooth. I watched the A/C pulley --- smooth. I watched the Alternator pulley --- smooth. I watched the Idler pulley --- smooth.

Lastly, I watched the Belt Tensioner pulley --- the belt smooth over the pulley, except for one slight and consistent movement....the belt tensioner was moving slightly and intermittently. The problem, the BELT TENSIONER spring was no applying the proper pressure against the belt. I would not had known this without doing a thorough inspection. I changed the entire BELT TENSIONER assembly. NO MORE NOISE! Like a new motor.

Heads up, do not use belt dressing or other sprays or soap. It will cause other problems to other moving parts in the long run.
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I've never used soap. I have used candle wax on the underside of the belt. It is not a belt rejuvenation. You still need to study if you have more than a belt problem.
I'm gonna purchase a gator-back belt soon. Belts dont last forever. I also don't like that only about 1/3 of the belt turns the AC pulley. On my 3.0 OHV.
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Re belt squealing and chirping: I have not read every post on this thread so I hope I don’t duplicate someone but my wife just had this issue.

Frustrated because I just replaced water pump, timing chain, timing cover, tensioner pulley and idler pulley(for timing cover coolant leak) and alternator because of electrical issues and misfiring (fixed it) everything including the belt was new.

Solution: after listening with a stethoscope it appeared to come from water pump pulley. Upon closer inspection, the belt was over 1 groove against the outside of the pulley causing the chirp (cold) and squealing when hot. I released tension and put back in grooves and noise gone. Maybe me missing that? Not sure but quiet now.
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Any one run into the problem of the tensioner changed to 10mm annoying in that the standard serpentine belt removal tools can't work on it. Which aftermarkets stick with 15mm?
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Originally Posted by Meditrina View Post
Any one run into the problem of the tensioner changed to 10mm annoying in that the standard serpentine belt removal tools can't work on it. Which aftermarkets stick with 15mm?
Pic of the kind of tensioner I use. Easy to release belt.

RA has good pic so you know what you are buying.

From time to time, when checking under hood, I grab the belt in the middle between pulleys, and pull and release watching the tensioner for good smooth travel.

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