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cschill1290 05-12-2014 10:09 AM

P0705 Transmission Range Sensor TRS Circuit Malfunction
Did some searching on here, and I found some topics related to this, but nothing that specifically fits my situation.

Back story: Transmission failed completely a few weeks ago. Hit the gas to pass a slow car, and felt like it shifted into neutral. No forward or reverse gears. Had the transmission rebuilt, and all seemed fine. Got the car back April 28th.

So back to today. Well last night actually. Driving home from the store, transmission light comes on and starts flashing. I was a few blocks from O'Reilly auto parts, so stopped in and got the code read. P0705 - Transmission Range Sensor TRS Circuit Malfunction. Car still shifts and drives like normal, save for a little bit of a hard shift from first to second. And CEL is on now. Haven't had a chance to see what code(s) is causing that yet. But I have to assume it's directly related to the p0705.

I guess my question is, is it rational to assume that something was either reassembled incorrectly or not aligned properly when the work was done? Or would that issue have presented itself a lot sooner than 2 weeks after the work? I plan on checking out the wiring and connector after work tonight, but unfortunately that has to wait until 7PM.

Anyone think I'll have issues getting it home? It's about a 3 mile drive home. The light was flashing all the way here this morning, but again, seemed to be driving and shifting fine.

SoNic67 05-12-2014 03:31 PM

My TRS failed internally. The sensor has internally some resistors that encode the actual gear selection and send it to the PCM (car computer).
The actual changing of the gears is controlled by PCM based on speed, engine load, temperature... and gear selection received from selector (driver selection).

In my case, I would select "D" but the TRS would send "1st" or "2nd" until was warmed up, then would signal "D". PCM was trying to comply with that and actual speed/rpm and getting confused. Probably in your case it signals "N" to the PCM when actually the selector is in "D".
To make things more complex, the "Neutral Safety Switch" and "Reverse Lights" are also included in the sensor, but they are separated items.

I replaced the TRS with a junk yard one and that fixed the issues - except the fact that now radio would mute in "R" :)

cschill1290 05-13-2014 04:24 PM

Well, figured out my issue. Shop that did the transmission work apparently doesn't know how to put things back together the way they came apart. The connector for the TRS was routed underneath a steel bracket that runs across the top of the transmission instead of over it like it should be. The wires were being pinched against it and it rubbed a hole through the insulation of the top 4 wires. Luckily it wasn't a total loss. I was able to straighten out the wires and wrap them in electrical tape 1 by 1. It's going back to the shop on Monday so they can replace the connector and wiring. But it's good until then at least.

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