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Jeff K
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Ford stylists were light years ahead of the pack in the 80's. Just look at the 83 Thunderbird and the 86 Taurus. I have been at gas stations, parking lots, etc many times with my like new 86 Tbird 5.0 or 88 Tbird Turbo Coupe and had people come up to me saying they didnt know Ford started making the Tbird again. They are astounded when I tell them "No, Ford didnt start making the Tbird again, this car is over 30 years old".

There are very few new cars that appeal to me styling wise. With few exceptions, automotive styling has completely gone down the toilet. To me, many new cars look like the idiotic "cars of the future" in 1950's and 60's bad Sci Fi movies.

IMO, styling of any kind can not make any SUV or crossover look good.

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