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Interesting take on that last post. If Ford is afraid to venture into new styling then why is it common knowledge that the first couple of generations of Ford Taurus was considered revolutionary. There are many other examples, but more recently there was nothing that looked like the last gen of Fusion when it debuted and now almost every midsized sedan looks like it. There's mention of how the new Chevy Blazer makes him want to trade in the Taurus, but that vehicle looks very suspiciously like the Explorer that Ford has been using for years now but with same extremely weird looking front facia that Chevy is slapping on all their vehicles. Also, the tired old retro look is why the Mustang, Challenger and even the
Camaro has reinvigorated the muscle car market. There's just not any proof that any of that is reality. It's good to have an opinion, but one can't expect to go on a Ford Taurus forum and say something crazy like Ford doesn't innovate in styling.
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