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Wow. I think the current Chevys are way better looking than the Fords of today. Ford always is terrified to bring out a radical styled vehicle, that is a cycle ahead of current styling trends . GM never was , & had brought out so many vehicles that were one or two styling cycles over Nipponese or other domestic vehicles, since the 1950s onward. I think the new Camaro looks GREAT! I'm tired of the "retro" look that Ford has worn out ,with the Mustangs. They need to be a totally new design, come on Ford get over that 64 1/2 look, you beat it to death! The back end of the Mustang looks like it doesn't belong on the car. It just looks plain boxy & weird.

When I look at the new Blazer , it makes be want to get rid of my Taurus.
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