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1996-99 does not have the "dog bone" torque strut as on 2000-07.

But don't worry, it's easy to install on 96-99 vulcan. I installed on my 97.

Go to JY, gather brackets & hardware from a 2000-07 with vulcan. Purchase new torque strut.

Strut tower will need to have 2 holes drilled to attach bracket the dog bone attaches to. Very easy to do and takes the stress off the motor & transmission mounts.

Late shift:

May be caused by failing shift solenoids on valve body. I'm currently experiencing a similar issue.

From a complete stop I start off in 1, then shift to D at 15mph, then shift to OD at higher speed like 45+mph or freeway and all is fine afterwards.

The torque converter clutch solenoid finally arrived today from RA. Replacing all 5 solenoids next Sunday.

Not difficult - Valve body does not need to be removed, only the cover.

Not costly - All 5 solenoids are under $150 total when using coupon codes from RA and Advance Auto Parts.

Hope this helps


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